How To Reset And Clean Cash Counting Machine

Note counting machines are generally a one-time investment for most individuals, organisations or banking institutions. They are known to last a very long time with the proper care and maintenance. If you are the owner of one or if your place of business has one of these machines, then we would recommend for you to follow a proper guided process for its regular clean-up so that it can serve you for a long time.

How to use cash counting machine

Although the name itself makes the purpose of the cash counting machine very clear, here are the different things it can be used for:

  • Primarily this device serves an important purpose for the institutions like a bank or casinos, where a lot of cash needs to be counted – accurately and fast.
  • It can be used to count not just paper money but also loose coins.
  • Depending on the kind of device that is being used, it can also make out fake currency from a stack of money easily.

Reset process of cash counting machine

Generally, each and every, Currency counting machine comes with a user manual which contains elaborate instructions on the reset process. However, if you have misplaced or lost it for some reason, here’s how you can easily reset it to the original settings:

  • After every stack of counting, the machine needs to be reset.
  • You can do so pressing on the reset button and holding it down for a few seconds.
  • The button is on the machines outer panel.
  • Whenever it is in the manual mode, press reset every time you insert a new stack of bills to count.

When to clean cash counting machine

Before you fix a regular schedule for cleaning the machine, there are a few things on which it depends:

  • The device needs to be dusted off and swept regularly regardless of anything, but the frequency of a complete internal clean up depends on how much it is used.
  • If it is in possession of an individual then the frequency would be much less than for a machine that is used at a bank where it counts a high volume of cash on a daily basis.
  • You will need to have canned air and cleaning cards to clean the machine efficiently.

Cleaning process of cash counting machine

If you would like your cash counting machine to work smoothly and efficiently for a long time, you can follow this method of cleaning it at regular intervals of time:

  • Begin by unplugging the device from its power source and read the instructions that are mentioned on the canned air for safety.
  • The inside of the machine has sensitive rollers and sensors where dust settles, you will have to blast air to these surfaces using the can.
  • Secondly, for an even more effective scrub, use a cleaning cards made especially for currency machines. You can get them from any market.
  • These cards can be inserted in the slot for the notes.
  • Turn on the machine and wait for a few minutes until you notice the card turning wet.
  • It is an indication that all the debris, moisture has been absorbed and the note counting machine is clean.

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