How to Safeguard Your Home's Exterior During Roof Installation?

Recently, we saw a story online – as their dear neighbor was getting their roof replaced by a local roofing company in Phoenix, Arizona, they couldn’t help but notice the chaos and confusion that came along with it. From the noise of hammering all day to the constant flow of workers coming in and out, it seemed like a never-ending project. But one thing that really caught their attention was how they were protecting their home’s exterior during this process.

And let’s be honest, no one wants their home to turn into a demolition site during roof installation. So we’ve come up with some clever advice on how to safeguard your home’s exterior during this dreaded process.

1. Cover Up Your Garden Gnomes

We know you love those quirky little garden gnomes that add character to your yard, but during roof installation, they might just end up being collateral damage. So as much as it pains us to say this, cover them up with a tarp or move them indoors to keep them safe from falling debris.

2. Keep Your Pets Indoors

Ensuring the safety of our furry friends is paramount. It is imperative to prevent any potential injuries caused by falling materials while also maintaining a workspace free from obstruction. Rest assured, this measure is in place to safeguard their well-being and maintain a conducive environment for all parties involved.

3. Protect Your Windows

You may have heard of window protection film, but let’s be real – that stuff is expensive. So instead, why not just tape a cardboard sheet over your windows? Not only will this protect them from harm, but it will also give your home a touch of panache. Who knows, it might even ignite a trend that sets the world on fire.

4. Park Your Car Elsewhere

We know you love your shiny car and want to show it off, but during roof installation, it’s best to park it elsewhere. Falling debris or tools can easily damage your car and we don’t want to be the ones to break the bad news.

5. Take a Mini-Vacation

While the roof installation may seem like a chaotic symphony, it’s worth contemplating a temporary escape to a friend’s or family member’s abode. This clever move can help safeguard your sanity amidst the commotion.

Classic Mistakes to Avoid

Now that we’ve given you some fantastic tips, let’s also cover the classic mistakes to avoid when safeguarding your home’s exterior during roof installation. These include not covering your pool or outdoor furniture, leaving windows open, and not communicating with your roofing contractor. Trust us, these mistakes can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration.

Want to protect your home’s exterior during roof installation? Here are some valuable tips to save the day. Remember, proper preparation is the step that keeps your home safe and your peace of mind intact. Good luck!

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