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In the conditions of the pandemic, the demand for goods within the sharing platforms has been redistributed. Now people forced working or study from home are looking for office equipment, laptops, or specific items from abroad. At the same time, the delivery service of such goods is becoming one of the most demanded. So what are the options for shipping to Lithuania?

Count Your Money

For urgent shipping from Lithuania to USA, you need to find an effective operator. Go to to meet Meest delivery conditions. Meest is a US-based international delivery service that ships parcels to 42 countries, and this list is constantly expanding.

  • To receive the goods, you need to select the option of purchase with delivery – order a courier or specify a convenient delivery point.
  • When ordering shipping Lithuania, the delivery cost, including the commission for a secure transaction, will be calculated automatically and appear next to the product’s price.
  • When the order is delivered to you, it can be checked on the spot. The product can be picked up or returned. In any case, it is better to film the unpacking on video – the company guarantees money safety but cannot be responsible for the seller himself.

Carefully Pack Fragile Items

There are several reliable ways of packing fragile goods for USA-to-Lithuania shipping. You can choose one option or combine several at once.

Bubble wrap and foam bags are packages that store items using transformer foam. They are very convenient for packing valuable, fragile items. The package contains a capsule; when activated, the entire space inside is filled with plastic polymer foam. The foam envelops your product, protecting it from external influences and vibrations.

Each item in a separate package is also an option. If your package contains several different items, keep in mind that they will move and collide with each other during transportation. Individual packaging and an additional layer between objects minimize the risk of damage.

A box within a box method protects fragile or expensive items adequately. The outer box should be large enough to provide the necessary cushioning for the inner box. This method is recommended if your inner box represents your brand and must be delivered safely.

And, of course, remember the profitability of shipping from US to Lithuania. Sometimes the delivery of an impeccably designed parcel may not pay off. Your goal is to minimize the risk of damage to the clients’ orders and put affordable prices for delivery.

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