How To Select The Correct Hit Hat Stand

If you are a drummer and have an electronic drum set, you need a hi-hat stand. This stand is used as a drum pedal, and it is one of the most significant pieces of hardware for the drum sets because there will be no proper hit-hat sound effect without this stand.

The majority of the drummers use this stand to make a good performance, setting, and hit-hat sound effect. As there are numerous hi-hat stands available in the market, so you can choose one according to your needs and preferences. Below mentioned is the guide that will help you select the best hit-hat stand for your drum set. However, if you want to know about the best hi-hat stands for buying, click here;

Things To Consider While Selecting The Correct Hit Hat Stand:

Now, let us explain some of the key things to select the right hi-hat stand for your drum set:

  1. Legs

First of all, let’s talk about the hit-hat legs as there are two different types of stand available in the market; one that contains two legs and the other having three legs. A two legs hit-hat stand is useful when there are multiple pedals like there are twin pedals.

At the same time, a 3-leg hi-hat stand is utilized for more stability. Some of the three-leg models also possess rotating legs and twin pedal settings. Hence, it depends upon the drummer’s usage and comfort that how many-legged stand is best for him.

  1. Weight

The second important aspect to consider is the weight of the hit-hat stand that you want to purchase. The stand’s weight directly impacts the stability and sound produced. Thus, if you buy a heavy-duty hit-hat stand, it will be more stable, and the sound produced by it will be tighter. It is more similar to a rock sound.

On the other hand, the light-weight stands are suggested for jazz drummers because the cymbal tone created by a light-weight hit-hat stand is more natural. There is a single-leg model that is the lightest model of all.

  1. Function

According to different prices, there are other features offered by hi-hat stands. Hit-hat stands generally possess some basic features, like footboard adjustment, spring tension adjustment, insertion and removal of the spike, and leg rotation. But all of these features depend upon the product and its quality as well.

The more features it will have, the more costly it will be best for the stand. So, if you want more functions, you have to purchase a high-cost stand.

  1. Felt

Do check about the felt. When you will experiment with it, you can get to know which felt you like the most. Remember that the thickness, material, and stiffness of the felt can change the sound as it directly relates to the sound produced.

  1. Accessories

Lastly, you also need to check the accessories available with the hi-hat stand. When twin bass is played, both of the legs should be closed, and the hit-hat should always be open. Moreover, some extra accessories can help you to close the hit-hat without putting pressure on the pedal. There is a special clutch for this purpose that can be utilized for pressing the hi-hat pedal.

Besides this, there are many other accessories that you can purchase along with your hit-hat stand to provide you ease.

To Sum Up!

It is true that when you are completely aware of all the aspects of a hit-hat stand, you can buy the right hit-hat stand. Consider the important things mentioned above to get the correct hi-hat stand according to your requirements and preferences. One more thing you need to know is that always purchase such products from authentic websites so that you can get a reliable and durable product.

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