How to Smoke Meat Like a Pro! 4 Effective Tips

Who doesn’t love meat especially when it is smoked? We all do. Our Sunday brunches and lunches are incomplete without smoked meats. Many of you might have already tried your hands on getting it done at home but some of you might be still confused about how to do it. The best way to enjoy the smoked meat is to head over to an eating joint such as Smoking the meat involves a slow process and it is important to choose the right chunk of the meat for it. It is always recommended to get the meat with a lot of cuts and connective tissues along with the fat. These are also known as marbling. If there is sufficient marble in your meat then it is guaranteed to cook the delicious smoked meat.

If you get the bigger cuts in your meat then you are certain to get the well-smoked steak. There are many ways to smoke the meat such as charcoal grill, gas grill, etc. Some of them also use wood to smoke the meat. Some of the woods which are used in smoking the meat are Alder, Applewood, Hickory, Pecan, Maple, Mesquite, Oak, and Cherrywood. Every wood has its features. Another step that involves smoking the meat is bringing. Brining helps to keep the meat from drying out during the smoking process. Check also: Top offset Smoker under 500.

Choosing the right smoker

The very first step that involves smoking the meat is choosing the right smoker. Most of you might be thinking of getting the high-class smokers but you need to remember that you can get a similar result as a high-class smoker with your current grill itself. You can either choose between charcoal or gas. If you are not planning to smoke the meat regularly then you can manage it with your current one. If you want to take smoking meat at home to the next level, you can pair it up with a dry aging cabinet so you can smoke dry aged meat for your next cooking session.

Using the grill for smoking

Choosing the grill for smoking the meat could be a great option. All you have to do is to arrange your coals on one side of the setup and the drip pan on another side of it. There are two types of grills that one can have i.e., charcoal grills and gas grills. If you are using the charcoal grill then you would need to place the wood chip on top of it. Here you would need to place the layer of liquid into the dripping pan which speeds up the smoking process. If you wish to add a bit of sweetness to the meat then you can add the apple juice. If you do not have apple juice then you can use water. In the case of a gas grill, you would need to set up a 6 burner gas grill and preheat the set up at high for around 20 minutes.

Using Wood Chunks

As discussed above there are various types of woods used in the smoking process. Some people prefer to use wood chunks, wood chips, or wood pellets. If you are planning to smoke the meat for a couple of hours then it is recommended to use wood chips. If you are planning to smoke the meat for a longer period then it is advisable to use the wood chunks. If you wish to smoke the meat in a controlled way then you can use the wood pellets.

Using the right temperature

The right temperature to smoke the heat should be between 200 to 250 degrees. Since here you will be using indirect heat, it is important to keep the heat steady. Hence you would need to use a quality thermometer to check the warmness of the grill. If you are going to use it for a longer period then make sure to change the charcoal and the wood every couple of hours.

There might be times when you would need to cook the cold meat. But before smoking the meat make sure to get it at room temperature. This way it also helps to accept the smoked flavors into the meat in a better way. Hence the golden rule is never to use cold or frozen meat. Apart from this remember that never check the meat regularly once you place it on the smoker. Most of you might have a habit of checking the cooking process obsessively but this can disturb the overall temperature.

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