How To Start The Music YouTube Channel

YouTube has become the principal source of new music for music listeners online. That is why it’s critical that your YouTube account portrays your music in a visually appealing and engaging manner and understand how to get youtube views.

Make a YouTube channel that attracts your audience and boosts music purchases with these tips.

  1. Use a custom photo backdrop for your YouTube account.

Sign in to your YouTube, go to Themes & Colors, then Advanced Options to customize your YouTube channel page. You may customize the backdrop of your YouTube channel page here.

Advice on selecting and uploading a background:

  • Choose a panoramic image rather than a close-up. Consider broad photos of your band on stage or scenic views.
  • Videos and text will partially hide the center of your image. So it’s best if the picture’s focal point is on the left or right.
  • Use a landscape photo instead of a portrait photo. Modern widescreen displays will benefit the most from this.
  • Use a photo with a width of more than 970 pixels. It will allow your image to expand beyond the primary content area on YouTube (which is 970 px).
  • Make sure your picture can be seen through background frames by setting the clarity within Basic and Color Palettes.
  • Adjust your transparency to anywhere between 10% and 40%. You may also alter the color of the text to make it easier to read.
  • In most circumstances, tiling your image does not look very well. Choosing a bigger picture is generally preferable.
  • Set your backdrop color to something that complements your image.
  1. Select “Musician” as your channel type.

Sign in to your YouTube account, go to your channel, choose “Settings,” and then “Musician.” By activating the “events dates” option, you can now enter performer details and post a schedule of concert dates. If you are worried about the subscriber, you can buy real youtube subscribers.

  1. Include Links To Your Website.

While linking to your website is beneficial, the most efficient approach to boost sales is to link to your buy page on iTunes, CD Baby, or your website. You should be able to add your buy buttons using your album artwork if you’ve chosen a musician as your channel type. You may also include a text link to your album in the channel description or section about me. Input the URL of your store page, and YouTube will produce a connection. Also, in the opening phrase of your film, put a website or a purchase link.

  1. Try to add tags to your videos and channel.

Tags are crucial. Tags are words or phrases that help people locate your video on YouTube. What will your viewers use to find your video on YouTube? Venue names, band names (proper spelling and misspellings), song titles, location, region, category, and other search terms should all be included in your video tags.

Finally! Reply to every comment.

Responding to comments makes your followers feel appreciated, but it encourages others to leave comments on your videos. Begin the discussion by questioning or highlighting something noteworthy in the video.

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