How to Stay Safe When Using an Elevator

Elevator safety is a consideration that some people give much more attention to than others.

For many people, using an elevator is a simple everyday task. However, for some, this can cause distress or anxiety due to a related phobia, such as a fear of small spaces.

Whether you like, dislike, or feel indifferent about riding the elevator, it is a good idea to be aware of the basic safety guidelines.

Elevator Inspections

Elevator inspection services conduct regular checks to ensure the continued safe running of elevators. This is a legal requirement and helps to prevent avoidable accidents. ATIS is a professional company that manages all aspects of elevator safety.

When you are riding in an elevator, you can be comforted by the fact that the car you are using will have passed all of the relevant safety tests.

Using the Elevator

When you need to use an elevator, you have to press the button for your desired direction of travel. If you want to go up, you will press the up button, and if you want to go down you will press the down button.

Once the elevator has arrived, be sure to let exiting passengers off before you step on. Ensure that your body and belongings are not obstructing the doors, and you can then select which floor you would like to travel to.

If you call an elevator and it is quite full or completely at capacity, then you would be wise to let the car go without you and wait for the next one.

Staying Safe in an Elevator

When you enter an elevator car, you should always watch your step. This is in case there is a gap or uneven ground. If you are traveling with children or animals, then you will need to make sure that everyone steps onto the elevator safely.

Once you have selected your floor, it is best to stand still and try not to get in the way of other people who get on and off during your journey. If possible, it is a good idea to stand close to the elevator wall. This helps you to stay out of the way and avoid bumping into other passengers.

To get off an elevator safely, you should wait until the doors are completely open on your floor. Exit at a sensible pace and do not push or bump into anyone else. Trying to exit an elevator too quickly could cause you to fall over and to hurt yourself and others.

In the same way, as when you entered the elevator, you should always look down and watch your step as you exit.

In Case of Emergency

In the rare event of an elevator emergency, you should always remain calm and avoid panic.

It might be the case that your car stalls between floors or opens at the wrong time. If this does happen, press the relevant button to communicate with an operative. If necessary, the emergency services will be alerted immediately, and you will soon be free from the situation.

Try to comfort other passengers and keep everyone happy. This is the best way to stay calm and safe and to avoid making the problem worse.

An elevator emergency is quite an unlikely occurrence. If this does happen to you, do not let it deter you from riding elevators safely in the future.

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