How to stay warm during winter in Korea

The Winter season in Korea is extremely cold, dry, and sometimes snowy(in some places). It’s important to know how to get through it without freezing. You can even have a little fun by finding ways to stay warm. Even if you came from a cooler region, the differences in climate and how buildings here are constructed and heated may surprise you. Ziptoss is a Korean real estate company that provides housing options so that foreigners can have a suitable residential space in Korea. Ziptoss helps you find a house and move easily. We provide guides and information on Korean culture, traditions, and lifestyle so that foreigners can easily adapt to their daily life. In this article, we’ve given winter safety tips on how you can get warm throughout the season.

  • Heat packs

These are great when you want to keep warm on a cold day. A heat pack is a cloth-like pack that contains minerals. These heat packs are great to put in a jacket pocket or to keep gloves and winter shoes warm for added warmth. You have to put just a little effort to activate the heating effect, and once you have the heating pack in your pocket or in your hands, your fingers will surely thank you.

  • Floor heating

One of the greatest inventions was floor heating(Ondol) in many Korean homes. What a treat for those cold winter days. Their floor heating is heated using water pipes under the floor. There are settings on the floor heating’s control panel to ensure that while each building has a different type of panel, you may want to ask your Korean friends or others who have lived in Korea longer to find out how. Once you figure it out, you’re one step closer to being comfortably warm all winter long.

  • Use bubble wrap on windows

Some windows in Korea are usually not the thickest or strongest, especially on windy days, cold air can easily get in. To get around this, Koreans cover all the interiors of the windows with bubble wrap so protecting your home from harsh and cold wind can last all winter. All you need is a spray bottle with water and a few sheets of bubble wrap. Spray the sides of the window with water and press the bubble wrap to the edges. As you enjoy the warmth of your home, the water will hold the bubble wrap on the windows.

  • Buy proper winter boots

It is best to use waterproof rubber boots, as it prevents moisture from penetrating the boot and foot. Try to invest and get a good pair of winter boots with non-slip soles, don’t try to buy cheap ones because they won’t last. This prevents you from slipping on icy surfaces.

  • Layered clothing

Layered clothing

The key to staying warm is layering your clothes. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wear a big, puffy jacket. First, invest in some thermal underwear. That would be items worn under clothing such as tank tops, leggings, and camisoles. For extra warmth after layering, it’s a good idea to buy warm socks, insulated gloves, earmuffs, and scarves.

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