How to study remotely at home and manage everything

Some students who are used to go to the university every day and working with a teacher in person find it difficult to adapt to the new format. We tell you how to study remotely at home and manage everything.

Make a list of tasks for the day.

Even when you’re self-isolating at home or in a dorm, you’ll still need to plan your day. It will help you spend the day more efficiently and overcome laziness. Distribute the load moderately. Make a “diary”, where you will prescribe homework and deadlines. Isolation or remote classes won’t last forever, and you’ll still have to take tests and exams. So don’t get yourself in trouble, and make a to-do list for tomorrow every night. And don’t forget to include not only serious business but also activities for the soul.

Define “urgent” and “important. 

According to one of the most common theories of time management (the Eisenhower matrix), each person has the following types of tasks:

  • Urgent and important;
  • Important but not urgent;
  • Urgent but not important;
  • Not urgent and not important.

Distance learning can be classified as important but not urgent. Urgent and important, with reasonable planning, are usually very few. Here if you do not have time to pass the final test and prepare for it all night long – it is urgent and important. And if you’ve been preparing gradually for over a month, it was important, but not urgent. The benefit is a plus, the stress is a minus.

Urgent but not important are all kinds of phone calls, meetings, unplanned and imposed cases. If possible, try not to spend a lot of time on this category of cases. The non-urgent and unimportant are time eaters: social networks, TV, telephone conversations about nothing. These things take time but bring neither benefit nor satisfaction. It is better to give them up altogether or to set aside strictly scheduled time, for example, half an hour a day and not a minute more. 

Determine the time for distance learning

Don’t forget to add time to your to-do list for certain tasks. For example, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., you’re in “online classes.” Then you rest and do your favorite things (workout, walk, read, hobbies, and so on). You can afford more rest because you don’t spend time commuting to school. Then put homework into your schedule. Let’s say from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. By scheduling each day like this, you’ll have a better sense of your study load and you’ll be able to complete all assignments on time.

Optimize your training

Try to create a working atmosphere. Warn your family or dormmates not to make any noise. Prepare your desk and remove objects that distract you. Turn off the sound on your phone. Don’t forget to keep a notebook, because it will come in handy for repeating the material.

Use different applications 

Every student knows a lot of different apps that help to delegate some work. There is nothing wrong with that, because you save time that you can spend, for example, on learning the same topics more efficiently. By the way, there is do my homework service that helps you to deal with some tasks.

Take breaks

To make distance learning productive, don’t forget to take breaks between classes. Taking breaks doesn’t mean sitting on your phone. Move around for at least 5 minutes: jump, do some exercise, wash the dishes. This is a great way to avoid monotony and fatigue!

So you’ll find that studying remotely is very convenient! Even scientists have proven that online and offline learning is equally effective if you organize the process correctly. You can fit distance learning into your life as you please. But don’t forget that this freedom is your responsibility.


The important thing is not to create a problem where there isn’t one. What matters is not how much you work, but how effectively you do it. So don’t forget to rest.

Even when you’re not in your mood and feel so exhausted to do anything, you could buy essay cheap and save some time for yourself.

Watch lectures online

The level of interaction between students and the teacher has fallen dramatically, and now the main criterion for lessons is the quality of the material presented. So, while the teacher is explaining, turn on better-recorded lectures and study the topic from them. There are a huge number of sites with lectures, and most of them are free.

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