How To Take Breath-Taking Vaping Photographs For Instant Likes

Insta is life, and what can be a better way to gain instant likes than breath-taking vape smoke? But here is the catch. Not everyone can make shapes out of e-cigarettes. And, not everyone is a good photographer either! So, how do you get photos and get a huge fan following?

It is not always possible to have a DSLR camera and in fact, you don’t even need one. We have some pro-tips to help you get surreal photos even without a high-resolution camera. All you need to do is find the best e-liquids to enjoy the shoot.

Read on to know more:

  1. Get a proper setup: To capture the vape smoke, you need a proper setup. It will help you highlight the figure and not stress about other things during the soot. You must have these equipments:


      A high-resolution camera. It could be your phone or DSLR camera.


      Off-Camera flash

      Tripod or selfie stand

      A black bed sheet for the backdrop


  1. Get your e-cigarette ready: How else are you going to vape? Get the best vape pod and find the best e-liquids. After all, how else are you going to enjoy the shoot?


  1. Create the background: When you are taking the vape photographs, the focus should be on the smoke cloud. A black background works best here. It highlights the cloud outlines and diminishes the clutter behind them. Unless you are specifically shooting for a messy look, always opt for a neutral background. It will put the focus on the vape.


  1. Be camera-friendly: It applies both for the camera functionalities and body posture. Try every feature on your camera to get the best shot. Coming to body posture, keep yourself relaxed. Vaping photographs look best when casual. So, keep your body language confident and relaxed. Tilt your shoulders a bit and lift your chin a little bit. Look straight into the camera. And then vape.


  1. Use a good vape: What can be more important in vape photography than the vape? Always stick to a high-quality vape. Use a proper vape pod and good quality oil.


  1. Experiment: Be bold with your photographs. Even though in vape photography, the smoke matters the most but if you want to catch the attention of your audience, you must experiment. Use a prop or an interesting theme to keep your fans hooked for more.



  1. Lots and lots of shots: Vape photography depends on the right smoke pattern. You cannot regulate that for a single shot. The best way to get that perfect shot is to take lots of shots. Most phone cameras come with a continuous shot feature. Professional cameras too have that feature. Use that and then vape.


  1. Crop, zoom, and highlight: Focus on the vape cloud, zoom over it, and crop the distractions. That will make your photo eye-catching.



Vaping photography is all about the right lighting, perfect theme, and playing with the smoke. Experiment and you will get a huge fan following!

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