Elementary education is the time from where official learning and academic journey of the students begin. In primary and pre primary classes, students only get to see the learning places, play, meet others and learn a few basics only. However, elementary learning is the origin. 

Providing students with an effective elementary education to make them prepared for future learning and success is very important. Teaching and making younger children learn can be challenging too.  Let us discuss some effective tips that teachers can follow to overcome the classroom challenges and teach effectively to elementary students. 

Challenges faced in teaching elementary classes 

  • Distraction

Elementary learning students are quite young. They are not mature enough to understand the importance of actively listening to the teachers and learn effectively in the classrooms. Talking with each other, being mischievous, hearing noises from corridors and school playgrounds, whispering etc make students easily get distracted. This can be challenging for the teachers. 

  • Students paying less concentration in the classroom 

Many younger students are quite mischievous. Also many of them don’t pay proper attention to the classes. This makes students lose concentration and focus from the classes. Lack of focus affects their understanding and classroom performance. With the lack of effective command of the basics taught in elementary classes, the further learning of students is also affected. 

  • Monotonous teaching practices

Only using textbooks and guides to teach is considered to be monotonous and boring. Students are not always interested in listening and reading what’s written in the textbooks. This reduces their interest and enjoyment in learning. 

Skills to possess for becoming an effective elementary school teacher 

  • Effective verbal communication skills 
  • Technical understanding 
  • Active listening skills 
  • Creative thinking skills 
  • Patience 
  • Dedication 
  • Proper planning and organization 
  • Passion 

Effective elementary teaching tips

1. Treat students with patience and affection 

Elementary learning students are quite young. Learning different academic subjects can be  challenging for them initially. They take time to understand and also make mistakes. Also, they will do mischievous activities. And during all this, if teachers will scold them for their mistakes, students feel discouraged, become reserved, lonely and unmotivated. 

This affects their bonds with teachers too. To avoid this happening with your students, ensure to have patience. Whether teaching via an online teacher app or in conventional classrooms,  guide them on their mistakes, and teach them multiple times if needed. Treat them with love, affection and care. This will make students feel valued and ensure their academic, social and behavioral growth. 

  1. Be creative

Elementary learning students are quite young. They easily lose focus and concentration from the classroom if the teaching material is not engaging for them. Listening to the teachers, reading out the textbooks to them is considered to be boring by students.

 This affects classroom participation and interactions. To overcome this issue and teach elementary classes effectively, teachers need to be creative. Being creative means having teaching practices in the classes that are unique, dynamic and boost students’ interest in the learning. In this regard, teachers can use technology in the classroom.  

  • Use online teaching apps to access several audiovisual tools such as educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards etc to make students understand better and stay interested. 
  • Decorate the class boards, make interesting and attractive charts. 
  • Have unique classroom games and activities for effectively teaching elementary learners. 
  • Have online quizzes, puzzles and riddles for assessing students in innovative and creative ways. 
  1. Have time for extracurricular activities 

Taking back to back academic classes can become very hectic for younger students. Also the lack of ability to focus for longer and less energy levels can affect the learning of students if back to back study classes are organized for them. Providing them with a refreshing and cheerful break via extracurricular activities is very important. 

Teachers should organise extracurricular classes for students. Activities such as sports, dance, music, art and craft etc will make students physically and mentally active. Also they will stay energetic and more interested in the school environment. This will also enhance their performance in the classroom. 


Effective elementary education plays an important role in academic growth and development of students in their secondary and senior secondary learning. All the basics learned here, help students to understand the higher concepts better. Therefore, providing students with a quality education in elementary classes is very important. By following the above mentioned tips, that are being creative, treating students with patience, being affectionate and interacting with all, teachers can become successful at teaching elementary students. This will help teachers.

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