Do you want to block harmful UV rays from penetrating your car? Perhaps, you want to keep your car cooler or enhance privacy from people peeping into your car. If so, you should tint your windows.

Besides giving your car a beautiful finish, the tinted glass will help to increase your resale car value. However, to enjoy all these benefits, you’ve to get your car windows tinted properly.

For smart tinting, you can seek the services of an expert or do it on your own. But if you’re a fairly new driver, you might be wondering how car window tinting can be perfectly done.

Here is a guide on how to tint your car windows properly.

Choose Your Film

Choosing the right car window tinting is crucial. It ought to be done before you begin the installation process.

Choosing the best tinting film might be overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-timer. There are myriad options available. So, you might be confused about the best one for you.

Please don’t pick the first film you find; ensure you navigate through the options to compare them.

Moreover, develop a list of features you want your film to have before beginning your search process.

Clean Your Car Windows

After selecting your tinting film, clean your car windows thoroughly for them to be dust-free. Wash both the top and bottom, inside and out of the windows. Repeat this step at least three times to achieve a thorough clean.

It’s wise to use soapy water to clean to avoid leaving any dust and debris on the glass. These two may affect the film’s capability to stick to the window itself. In addition, they can make the film end up with air bubbles that cause adverse effects on its adhesive.

Measure Each Window Tints

How easy is it to tint your car windows? Well, that heavily depends on how accurate you’re when measuring and cutting the tinting film. Therefore, measuring each window you want to tint is vital before applying the film.

First, take the roll of tinting film and place it over your car’s window. Then spray the window with water first to quickly shift the film into the correct position. Grab a straight razor blade and cut the film along the window lines to remove the excess.

Apply the Film

Start installing the film once you get it sized. Avoid being in a hurry during the process to avoid making any errors.

First, wash your car window with water again to remove any dirt and grime on the window seals. Then squeegee the water down off the car window. After that, lay the film on the glass and smooth it out on the rest of the window.

If there’s any excess film remaining, cut them off. You can use your hands to smooth out the film on the window to ensure it sticks properly.

Smooth the Tinting Out

Despite being careful when laying your film on the car windows, they’ll have air bubbles. So, smoothing the film out before you call it a day will be necessary.

Fill your spray bottle with hot water and spray over the film. It’ll help get rid of the air bubbles and speed the smoothing process.

You Now Know How to Tint Your Windows

Car-window tinting may not be as easy as you think. It involves crucial steps that ought to be followed to be done right.

If you want to tint your windows, the above guide comes in handy.

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