How to Trust God in Difficult Times? 3 Best Ways!

How many times in a day you remember or think of a god?  It could be generally during your morning or evening prayers. Many of you might be simply doing it for the sake of it and some of you do it because you believe in the existence of God. We all have a habit of remembering or calling out for God in difficult times. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to trust the god or its existence even for the people who pray regularly. There are times when we completely lose hope from everyone around us and all that we seek is assistance or help from the god itself. Those who strongly believe in prayers or God also believe that God is with them no matter how bad the situation is.

But what if you are someone who is not convinced with this fact? You may be praying in a day or two simply because your family is asking to do. If you are not convinced by the fact of god’s existence or doubt his power then it becomes difficult to connect with him. What if you are an atheist? If you are someone who does not believe in the existence of the god then how is it possible to get closer to him. Many spiritual guides and coaches in the world insist on awakening our inner power and experience the power of the god surrounded by us. If you refer to a famous book called The Secret you will understand how beautifully the author has presented the power of energy around us which can get us anything that we want. Some of us refer to it as God while some of us call it the universe as well. A simple search on the internet for live church streamings, a quick tour to a library

There might be tons of ways to recall your inner power and build that trust in a god to get closer to him. A simple search on the internet, a quick tour to a library, a visit to a famous church such as Planetshakers Melbourne church, or a meet with any spiritual coach can give you thousands of ways to get connected to him but it would leave you in confusion and you will have many options to choose from. Hence here we are making things easy for you. Here are three simple ways through which you can get closer to god even if you are an atheist.

Be in the Attitude of Gratitude

You might have seen many YouTubers or bloggers on the internet following the practice of writing a gratitude journal.  Sometimes we tend to forget what we have in search of what we need. Practicing gratitude has always been beneficial to develop your faith in the power surrounding you. If you be thankful for the universe or God for the things that you have already had and give yourself few affirmations about being the best would certainly help you to achieve all the things in your life. Expressing gratitude is all about being grateful for what you have rather than what you need in your life now. You can try writing down your gratitude statements in the gratitude journal or in a simple notebook every day to express it.  Believing that God has given you what you have is the definite way to connect with him.

Believe in your prayers

They say prayers got the power to do miracles which is true up to the most extent. Reason? You might have seen many people around you telling you that God listens to their prayer and fulfill their wishes. It is not because they did any special prayer but it is because they believed in it. They believed that whatever they are asking from the god or the universal power will be given to them. It is all about believing your prayers and the conversation that you do with god.

Take responsibility for your life

Many of us have a habit of cribbing all the time and blaming others for whatever mess happening in our lives. We chose this life and hence it is totally up to us how we want to live it. We have got the choice of whom do we want to live with and how do we want to live with. Hence instead of focusing on other mistakes try to look into your mind and analyze how badly you are taking in your life and making it more miserable. Taking responsibility for what you do will help you to develop trust in God since now you will be depending on your actions and god.

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