How To Use A Gravity Bong

Is gravity bong unfamiliar to you? If you have heard about one but have not experienced its significance, perhaps you might be missing out? This article discusses gravity bongs, how to utilize them, and what not to do with them.

A Gravity Bong Is What It Sounds Like.

The gravity bong is sometimes referred to as the water bong. It is a weed-smoking device that uses a plastic compartment and water-filled container to create a haze of smoke that the user inhales. As many places proceed with the legalization of weed, you might be able to get a gravity bong at the bong shop, which likely would be your most creative choice. For any case in which that is not the case, we have you covered below.

Gravity Bongs – How To Make Them

The process of making a gravity bong is not difficult. In this article labeled “How to make a home made bong” Slyng covers all the steps on how to make a bong. Make a cut even closer to the base of an unfilled one-liter container. Then, either embed the mouthpiece bowl into the cap or cover it with tin foil after cutting an opening in the jug cap. Using tin foil for the bowl, cut small openings in the top and place the nuggets inside. Slice a two-liter container evenly near its top once it is empty. Place the one-liter jug with the bowl in a two-liter container and fill it with water.

The Gravity Bong: How to Use It

Right now, the enjoyable part. Begin to lift the jug slowly from the water and sparkle your buds as you do so. Upon raising it, the one-liter container begins to fill with smoke. The moment the water has been filled to the point that it reaches the highest point of the container, remove the cap bowl and breathe the smoke. Suddenly, you will be hit with a huge cloud of smoke, one that will make your enemies soar (and probably hack) in no time.

Whether you perform the set-up and lighting process for yourself or a group of people, repeat the process as many times as you wish. If the hit leaves you needing to sit a few times, be sure to use lounge chairs or chairs nearby. Above all, protect yourself and enjoy the night.


In the first place. Be sure to raise the one-liter jug high enough through the water that there is no water sucked up by you during the breathing process. It does not matter if the high comes on rapidly or not. Stifling will destroy the high faster than anything else. There is another device that makes sure that the one-liter is not pushed out of the water completely, as it would be undesirable to lose any smoke as a result.

When breathing in, it is essential to be mindful of this as well. As it turns out, as you breathe in, it might be a good idea to dip the one-liter in water as you inhale to keep the smoke contained and therefore expand the amount of smoke that enters your lungs.

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