A Guide To Setting Up a Home Recording Studio For Beginners

Listening recorded music has been a fashioned since past times by using a needle into grooves on a record player. People still love to listen to their favorite music and these revivals have led to enhance the ownership of record player. The record player has been still used to play vinyl records as the revival in the 21st century. But the record player needs more attention and care to operate than a CD player or mp3 player. Using a record player is a very straightforward procedure but it mostly needs you to pay attention. Although, every person knows how to use a record player but not everyone knows how to use it in a right manner. Every person can use it but if you use it inappropriately you can provide damage to your precious record player. This article will give step-by-step guiding principle on the most proficient method to use a record player.

Using a Record Player:

First Set Up the Record Player:

Put your record player in an appropriate and safe area where it will be prohibited from the possible falls. Always place your turntable at a plan surface.

Read the Manual Carefully:

Every record player has a respective manual, you should first read it carefully and then plug in the record player.   

Turn the Record Player On:

Plug in the record player and turn it on. Depending upon the corresponding model, the switch for “on” will typically be present on the upper or central side of the box close to the volume knob.

Remove the Dust Cover:

Open the wooden top that is attached by pivots and keep it up by placing it on the build-in prop bar. The dust cover is made to protect the record player from harm. keep it open while using.

Take out the Records:

Take out the record from its case. Hold the record with a finger in the hole in the middle of the record. While touching the record, use a tissue paper to clean it if it has any marks of fingers on it. Don’t use hard cloth as it will cause harm.

Make the Correct Speed:

Before playing the record into the record player it is required to match the speed with a vinyl. In the center of the record, the mandatory speed has been written.

  • 7-inch record plays at 45 RPM
  • 12-inch record plays at 33 1/3RPM or 45 RPM

Insert the Record:

Make sure that the record is clean then place it on the turntable with the goal that the metal bar in the center slides through the opening in the center of the record.  If record has any spot or fingerprints on it will cause distortion in the music.

Move and Drop the Needle:

Move the needle slowly and gradually over the record, placing it on the external part of the record. When the needle is on the record player, run the small switch on the base of the needle and press down to take it onto the record. Do this slowly to protect the record.

Press Play:

Once you have set the speed by regulating the needles you can press play. The signaling lever will rise and float on the rotating record. If your turntable is manual, you will press the tonearm’s monitoring lever. Adjust the tonearm with the outer edge of record, so that the needle may attach the first groove. Gradually lead it down to play the record.

Enjoy Your Music:

When all the process has been finished, music must start to play, use the volume buttons to adjust the volume up or down. Pull the signaling lever up to lift the tonearm off the record. Lead the tonearm back to its original spot. Only then should you press the “stop” button.

Wrapping Up:

When you complete listening to music, turn the record player “off” by using the power switch to save energy. Use the lever at the base of the needle to push the needle up and off put your record player back into the case; the best thing you can do to keep your record player clean. Some platters come with a dust cover.


Record players are simpler to operate and use. You simply want to get one before you. As you know how to use a record player now, the speed to set it at and how to play a record without a harm, you can start on your way as another audio lover. It is suitable to understand the major parts so you can play your record player with an understanding. Keep in mind, that the sound and the speed of the record player depend on the size of the record you’re using. So thoughtfully handle the needle to the outside of the record to avoid scraping, and always keep your record player clean by placing it in its cover.

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