How to Use CBD for Pet Seizures

If a pet is suffering from a seizure, it is hard to see because they can’t explain or share the pain. A seizure causes the abnormal firing of neurons in the brain. If your pet is subtle, indicated by staring, heavy breathing, a dazed experience, or unusually rapid eye movement. They may be facing seizures, so visit the veterinarian to find the cause.

CBD tincture is a medicine that works like a natural remedy in the case of seizures. CBD helps pets in cases of anxiety, pain, seizures, cancer, and inflammation. You can choose CBD for pets.

CBD is made from the cannabis plant and won’t make your pet high. Because it is structured in such a way that CBD doesn’t impact the brain, nervous system, or other parts of the body.

Why Do Pets Need CBD?

CBD has been used for different therapies such as pain management, anxiety, arthritis, seizures, and in some cases of cancer. It is still under research, and the level of evidence varies in each scenario.

  • Pain

Seeing your pet in pain might make you stressed. CBD for pets will relieve your dog from inflammatory pain and back pain. Research is still going on, but data shows that CBD will relieve your pet’s pain.

  • Anxiety

There could be a variety of causes for the pet’s anxiety. If your pet’s anxiety has increased due to the pain or inflammation. CBD reduces anxiety indirectly. Do use CBD for pets after proper research.

  • Arthritis

CBD is an anti-inflammatory drug that works on inflammation. Arthritis is a type of inflammation found in dogs, and around 25% of them are diagnosed with it.

  • Seizures

CBD tincture is one of the most helpful drugs for humans with seizures, but there are not a lot of studies that have proven, it also helps pets. CBD has been found to help dogs with seizures in some cases.

  • Cancer

It is one of the most specific diseases that may be terrifying for people. There are not a lot of studies on the use of CBD in cancer, but researchers have kept it as an option for the treatment of tumors. There has been some research done on rats and ferrets that suggests CBD might help pets with cancer.

How Does CBD Help With Pet Seizures?

There is much research organized on the usage of CBD on humans and pets, and one of the most essential aspects of CBD tinctures is the management of seizures. Research is showing that it is highly effective for seizures, but you won’t give anything to your pets without proper knowledge. Let’s see how CBD for pets works.

Endocannabinoids, a network of numerous receptors, are essential in pets in the case of seizures. The receptors are of two types: CB1 receptors, which are centralized in the nervous system and CB2 in the immune system.

In seizure treatment, CB1 has the greatest impact because it is established in the nervous system and the brain. Research shows that CBD controls seizures. Because seizures have the potential to have profound effects on the endocannabinoid system. That’s why CBD is known for reducing and stopping seizures.

Easy Ways to Give Your Pet CBD

  • Give CBD Using A Dropper

CBD tinctures are those that are used for the medication and comes in the form of a bottle. You can administer it to your pet using the dropper. It helps to give the proper dose. For the different pets, different amounts of dosage are suggested. Tincture also helps control the dose you give the dog.

  • Combine CBD Oil and Pet Food

For a variety of reasons, some pets may not feel comfortable ingesting CBD tincture from a dropper. One of the main reasons is that they remember the bad taste of medicine or any other previous bad experience. Add CBD to the pet food so they will take the medicine without resistance.

  • Add CBD to Your Pet’s Special Meal

Pets might resist eating the CBD tincture with food. Mix CBD into your pet’s favorite meal like you would mix CBD into the chicken. It will make sure your pet eats the entire meal and the CBD.


Seizures are one of the problems that humans and pets may face, but in the case of pets, you won’t know how they feel. Pets can’t share their feelings, and seeing them in pain is difficult. CBD has been used for different therapies, and controlling seizures is one of them. Researchers are researching CBD for pets with seizures, and some studies have shown that it may help pets. If your pets are facing seizures or have pain, use CBD and consult with a veterinarian. Many ways to give CBD to your pets. You can use the bottle dropper that comes with the medicine. Mix CBD with the food if they resist taking it from the dropper. Treat your pet with its favorite CBD mix. It will ensure the pet will eat the entire meal.

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