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Many companies choose to employ the use of exhibitions in order to promote and raise awareness of their products or services. Of course, as wonderful as a room full of exhibits are, it is hard to stand apart from your competitors. It all comes down to the exhibit stand you choose for your company.

No, you don’t need strange gimmicks or gaudy design to draw in the crowds. In fact, a well-designed stand, cardboard display and careful placement are all that you truly need in order to deem your exhibition a success!

It is possible you may feel overwhelmed at this point, after all, how you choose your design will impact your success. On the other hand, you can also use this time as a great learning experience to give your company the recognition it deserves. Regardless of the industry you’re employed in, these tips can help virtually anyone make the most of their next exhibition!

Research, Research, And More Research

Your company needs decisiveness and a design that will stand apart from competitors. Ultimately, it all comes down to the amount of research that you’re willing to put into the process. Don’t just choose a random stand design, but really give it some thought.

Which companies are going to attend your next exhibition? What kinds of services or products are they offering? It is also important to know your target audience because it’s them you’ll need to appeal to. Exhibition organizers can offer you knowledge and statistics that are informative and can prevent blunders.

Wish you could take your thorough research to the next level? Consider attending another exhibition before yours if possible based on dates. If not, look online and see if you can grab photos of an older exhibition to give you an idea of what to expect from competitors.

Generate Interest

Perhaps easier said than done, companies that succeed with their exhibition stands are ones that understand the importance of generating buzz before the event. A great social media campaign or even a heads up to your consumers that deal with your company regularly can get more visitors to your booth on exhibit day. Even if your company isn’t well established enough to have a large social media following, some basic marketing efforts can still yield fantastic results.

Engage Your Audience

Even if you do everything well before the exhibition, it’s important to make the most of the time you spend that day drawing in an audience. Make your exhibition stand unique by grabbing attention from a wide range of people. You can achieve this by hosting giveaways, fun raffles, quizzes, games or interactive technology. Of course, the emphasis is always on considering great design for your box, but what you do within that allotted space will also work to make your company unique.

Bring Engaging Staff

Exhibition stands that are deemed the most memorable are the ones that also feature the most engaging staff members. It is important to bring the right employees that can keep your audience engaged and entertained. In fact, it’s proven that the more engaging employees are, the more people that are drawn towards your stand.

It is recommended that you train your staff properly so they know how to handle what’s expected of them and how to interact with people properly. Make sure they have a positive and friendly demeanor throughout the exhibit! Along with proper communication and a great attitude, it can also help work your audience. Plus, nothing says more about your company than how your employees treat potential clients.

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