How to use Scrapbook on Samsung Galaxy Note 20

How to use Scrapbook on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – This time we will discuss about the latest feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , this feature is called ” Scrapbook ” . This is very simple and easy to apply  If users want to store the image files from any webpage , then just by applying this scrapbook the desired images/files will be automatically saved even with the url link. We can also give a category or folder in scrapbook then write notes or tags on each file to be stored. It is also available for video files such as videos from Youtube or screenshot of the applications.

How to use Scrapbook on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Here we provide a little tips How to use Scrapbook on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. We Thanks very much for supporting us by giving “Like” and “Share” this post.

There are 2 simple ways to use your Scrapbook application on the Galaxy Note 3. First way you should make your phone’s Air Command opened by sliding your S Pen one time on the screen and pressing buttons with S pen. Then, it will show several application options, so choose the second application, Scrapbook. After that, we can begin to encircle the image or video that will be shot and stored in the scrapbook.  Next, you are also given the option to fill notes and tags then choose the folder for files to be saved. When it has finished, click the checklist on the top right corner to save it. The second way is you can just circle image or video of the webpage to be saved, then you will see several application options, choose scrapbooker . The next step will be the same as before, it’s very easy right? And it will give so many benefits for the users of the Galaxy Note 20.

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