How to use stencils to paint on glass windows

I was peeking out from my window on my lawn, and I realized how bringing a few changes to this window could completely change the exterior look of my house. During pandemics, staying at home has made me work on several DIY projects involving stencils. After finishing my feature wall with a stencil, it is the right time to experience it for windows.

For an easy and fun-filled activity, you need to have a stencil and acrylic paint pens to decorate your windows. The good thing is you can remove acrylic paint from windows with any latex remover but meanwhile, let’s have some fun to welcome the new year into your home.

Checklist for things you need to paint a window

  • Adhesive stencil (any shape)
  • Acrylic paint pen
  • Window cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Rag
  • Knife(optional)

1-     Clean windows to begin with

Before beginning, use a rag and any window cleaner to ensure that your glass is clean and no dirt marks remain. You will be painting from the inside of the window, so make sure no dirt streaks remain to lower paint quality on the window.

2–     Cut out the stencils

You can fill disposable stencils online in any shape and size. These stencils are easy to manage and can be reused as many times as you want, but if you are on a budgeting drive, you can make any shape on an adhesive sheet and cut around the shapes to avoid any messy corners adhesive material.

3-     Peel away adhesive material

Work with one shape at a time. Paste the stencils on windows one by one to avoid running their adhesive material.

4-     Make sure to paste stencils on windows smoothly

once you have removed the stencil, make sure you paste it one window carefully to avoid any bubbles. It would be best to be patient and gentle while peeling off adhesive stencils. If you have kids at home, do this activity with them. You can help your children learn about different shapes with the help of stencils. Once you have pasted the stencil on windows, use your fingers lightly to smooth out any air bubbles from stencils.

5-     Colors in the Stencil

Acrylic paints are the easiest and most promising paints to use on any stencil, even if you are a first-timer. Before using, lightly shake up these acrylic pens to ensure their ink is ready to go on stencils. Go with a bit of pressure on the pen’s nib while moving around stencils to get a smooth paint flow.

6-     Let Acrylic paint dry

Before taking off the stencil, let the paint dry for 10-15 minutes. While Acrylic takes more time to dry than regular paint, you can give it a few more minutes to dry on the glass surface.

7-     Peel Stencil away from windows

Once you are sure that the paint is dried, grab one corner of the stencil and start pulling it off the window and away from the glass.

8-    Remove excessive paints
If you find any excessive paint out of the stencil, you can scrape it with the help of a knife.

This DIY project is perfect for keeping yourself and your kids busy during holidays or lockdown restrictions. Once you want to give any other look to your window, use latex remover to clean these stencils from your windows.

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