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Are you wondering how to wear a watch to ensure the best overall style? If you got a new watch you want to show off or perhaps you find that you never wear the watch you have because you’re not sure how to style it, keep reading.

In this guide, we will go over some awesome advice when it comes to wearing a watch stylishly. Keep reading for a guide that makes styling a watch easy.

Matching a Watch to Your Outfit

There are many different outfits for different occasions, meaning some watches will be appropriate with some outfits while others may not. However, there is no need to worry as the rules for matching your watch to your outfit are not too complicated. For starters, you want to be sure that you are matching up the metals you are wearing.

You want to pair silver with other silver accessories, and the same goes for pairing gold with gold. When you combine these different tones of metal in one outfit, it is bound to clash. When taking note of the other metal elements of your outfit, look at details such as your cufflinks, rings, shoes, and belt.

You want to make sure all of these details match each other and to pick a watch that is the same metallic shade, or as close to it as possible. However, you will also want to make sure that your watch band matches your outfit as well. If your watch has a leather band, you will want to make sure this leather matches other areas of your outfit, such as your belt and shoes.

Black leather shoes, belts, and bands can be paired together, as can all sienna leathers. You also want to consider the outfit you are wearing and the occasion you are wearing it for in general. For example, if you are dressing up for a fancy dinner, a leather watch will work, whereas, with a workout outfit, a sports watch will be best.

Also, if your watch features a light face, it is appropriate for daytime, whereas back, brown, khaki, or grey watch faces are better suited for evening attire.

Which Wrist to Wear Your Watch on

In many cases, it is determined that a man should wear a watch on his non-dominant wrist. This is because the watch is less likely to move around as much as your dominant hand, which can increase its lifetime as it will get less dull, scratched, and faded. Also, it can be more convenient and comfortable to wear a watch on the arm that you use less.

A watch should also be worn loosely enough that you have full use of your wrist. Check out this Prospex Diver watch for a great option.

How to Wear a Watch: Your Style Guide

Next time you dress up for an event or gathering, make sure to keep the tips in this guide on how to wear a watch in mind.

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