How to Workout at Home Like a Pro

During Covid-19

The past year has been tough on all of us – one way or another. But while there have been negative sides to it, there have certainly been some good realisations that we should try and hold on to. One of them has certainly been the importance of exercise in our daily routine. Sitting at home, spending hours in front of our devices has not been healthy for our whole body. It is time we pick ourselves up and try to develop the habit of exercise for our benefit.

The pandemic has taught us how to manage ourselves well in the comfort of our home. With the routine that has come in with the lockdown, people have been working out more than ever – keeping their physical immunity and strength as well as for their mental health. So today, we will share a few tips with you that can help you have a fantastic exercise regime for every day that you are spending at home.

5 Tips For Your Workout Routine

If you had the idea that a good workout regime at home will require a full-fledged gym setup and expensive equipment from places like, you were going the wrong way. The only thing you need to have to get a good workout session for yourself is your will and enthusiasm. Additionally, a few helpful exercises to keep a routine to everything you are doing.

1. Warm-Up: Any kind of workout routine needs to begin from a warm-up session. A little warming up helps prepare the body for the heavier exercises that

you are aiming for and also improves circulation. The main things you can do for your warm-up session are:

  • –  Start by marching on a spot, jogging lightly for a few minutes to get your body in motion
  • –  Rising on the heel and knee lifts can be good for the limbs
  • –  Use a few freehand moves to release the tension on the arms

–  All the above-mentioned points can be done in sets of 20 and 30 as part of

a warm-up session that should ideally be for a 30-minute timeframe.

2. Lunges: Lunges are the kind of squats that help to increase the strength of the leg muscles and also helps to improve the posture of the body. To do lunges:

– Bend one leg forward from the knee

  • –  The other leg is positioned to support the whole body
  • –  This exercise is repeated with each leg, at least 10 to 12 times on each

    leg. The numbers can go up as the body gets used to the strain.

    3. Jump and Skips: If you were thinking of getting skipping ropes being useful only for the playground, think again! Skips and jumps are two of the most crucial parts of an exercise regime for someone who is starting out. These can work as both a warmup exercise as well as part of the workout. Use a high platform to make a few jumps from. A few 100 jumps (gradually) on a skipping rope every day can improve your balance, muscles and improve your respiration rate considerably. These are known to have the same effects as running/jogging.

    4. Step-up: A step-up is the kind of exercise that requires a raised platform. It involves a person stepping up and then down and up again, at least 20-30 times

    a row. As the name suggests, the process is similar to stepping up a flight of stairs and coming back down. This helps to straighten the leg muscles that could get weared out without regular movement. In fact, when there is no raised platform for this, the flight of stairs at home can be a good place to do a few step- ups to complete your workout.

    5. Squats: Squats can be the most strenuous and yet the most beneficial of all exercises done at home. Squats help develop muscle power for the lower and upper body, helps to strengthen the back and can go a long way to prevent any

kind of muscle injury. For doing a squat:

  • –  Stand with your feet joined at the heels
  • –  Lower your hip from a standing position
  • –  Stand back up from this position
  • –  Continue the process in sets of 5 or 10, as the body gets adjusted

    One final piece of advice for working out at home is – give yourself time and relax. The body takes time to get adjected to a new routine and exercising can take quite some time to become a habit. Developing this gradually, relaxing well, with a good diet can be the key to keeping yourself healthy.

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