Write a preliminary thesis based on the purpose of the research paper

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Thesis Statement

Research papers are an essential part of writing across all academic disciplines. They provide an opportunity to explore, present, and explain ideas in greater depth than your average paper or project. The best research papers present a unique perspective that makes it clear you’ve taken some time with your research. It’s also important to make sure you write efficiently, so you don’t fall behind on other assignments while working on your project. 

How to start writing a research paper? 

Introduce yourself: If you’re new to writing research papers, it can be hard to know where to begin. Start by introducing yourself as the author and briefly explaining why you chose your topic; what is relevant about your chosen subject? Explain why someone should care about what you have to say on a given topic—why is your point of view worth considering? Make sure readers understand what they will gain from reading through your work.

Developing the Body Paragraphs

After identifying your topic, you’ll need to develop your body paragraphs. In each paragraph, you should have one main idea (the topic sentence) that takes up most of the space. Then, you’ll add supporting sentences that provide evidence or examples of your topic sentence so that it becomes stronger. There are several ways to support a claim using facts and expert opinions. 

For example, suppose you’re writing about obesity in America. In that case, you could say something like According to recent studies conducted by researchers at Harvard University and Yale University, over 70% of Americans don’t get enough exercise. The statistic shows that there is an overwhelming number of people who agree with your argument. It’s also important to use reputable sources when citing statistics; otherwise, your reader may not trust them as much. You can find statistics from government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and organizations like Gallup or Pew Research Center. If possible, try using numbers from multiple sources because they will be more reliable than just one source’s data alone.

Writing a Conclusion Paragraph

Although you may be tempted to dive right into your thesis statement, resist that urge and take some time with your conclusion paragraph. A well-crafted conclusion helps connect all of your points in one final paragraph, but it also leaves readers with something new or intriguing enough that they’ll want to read more of your writing. In short, a strong conclusion doesn’t just wrap up your essay; it inspires readers to check out more of what you have written. 


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