How to write references on resume: strokes to the profile of an applicant

A reference-list or a portfolio sounds beautiful, and means just “a portfolio with documents.” But in the business world, this word means: “list of completed work”, which gives an idea of ​​the applicant as a professional, specialist in a particular field.

The task of the portfolio and its contents – photos, publications, video and audio fragments – is to add finishing touches to your portrait, to show the employer what you are capable of. Sometimes it is enough to attach a couple of links to the site where your work is located on your resume. That is what a resume portfolio is!

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Do all specialists need references for successful employment? No, not everyone! But only in those cases if:

  • you are a representative of the creative profession (designer, fashion model, photographer, teacher, architect, PR manager, etc.);
  • your work is the creation of something fundamentally new (drawings, design projects, articles, codes, photography samples);
  • the employer asks to attach a portfolio to the resume.

But for those whose work is connected with clear instructions, laws, circulars, references are not required. Secretaries, accountants, waiters, HR specialists, system administrators can successfully get a desired vacancy without references, with only one resume.

In what order should the work be presented in the references?

It is better to place the work by chronology – so the recruiter will see all the stages of your development as a professional. Placement of works by style, genre or direction is allowed. After choosing this placement option, at the beginning and at the end of the references, place the best examples, taking into account the psychology of perception. In a word, you can do both.

What to mention in the references?

There are no strict rules for the design and content of the references as of yet. That is why the size of the “business references”, its content, appearance is at your discretion. For example, designers and artists give preference to albums with layouts of works or CDs, web designers and programmers “put links to websites and screenshots in their portfolio”, representatives of “pen and words” “in their portfolio” put files with articles from various publications.                                                     

IMPORTANT! A business portfolio should never include family photos. The recommendation may seem ridiculous if the recruiters did not observe pictures with the captions: “Me and my Mr.Carrot at the countryside” in the references of applicants. You should agree, such a picture is unlikely to contribute to a business career.

Bring on accuracy!

Undoubtedly, the main thing in the references is its content. And the form is nothing more than an effective addition. Nevertheless, the appearance of your “business references” can tell a lot to an employer. For example, about your organization, perseverance, accuracy. Don’t forget this.

No plagiarism!

The worst thing that can be found is the desire to make a good impression on the employer by using other people’s work. For example, the designer changed only the slogan about the product in the popular packaging, but the whole main creative part was done by another specialist. It is very wrong to pass off such a “creation” as your own, in any case they will find out the truth, because the world of professionals is small.

And in conclusion

Do not deliberately lower the level of your work, fearing that later the employer will always expect from you only “masterpieces”. Employers are not stupid people, they perfectly understand that people put their achievements in a business references. And not reports from everyday creative searches.

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