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When accurately expressing your romantic love for someone, there is nothing more romantic than a love letter. While text messages and emails are instant and convenient, a handwritten letter shows that you have taken the time and effort to sit down and express your feelings personally. If you’re not sure how to get started, don’t worry – with a bit of creativity and planning, you can write a love letter that will make your partner’s heart swell with love.

The history of love letters is a long and romantic one. For centuries, people have expressed their love for each other through the written word, and the tradition is still strong today. In a recent survey, 36% of respondents said they would like to receive a love letter from their partner at least once a year.

If you’re wondering how to write a love letter that will really wow your partner, read on for our top tips.

Tips on writing the perfect love letter

Here are some tips on composing the perfect love letter;

Choose the right stationery

One of the first things to consider when writing a love letter is what kind of paper you will use. After all, this is not just any old letter – it’s a declaration of your love! Opt for something special, like delicate lace paper or a thick, luxurious card. You could even use recycled paper to add a rustic touch.

Write from the heart

When it comes to what to write in a love letter, the most important thing is to be genuine and sincere. Forget about trying to impress your partner with grandiose words and phrases – instead, focus on communicating your feelings honestly and from the heart. Tell them what you love about them, why they are unique to you, and what memories you cherish together.

Make it personal

A love letter shows your partner how well you know and care about them. So, ensure that your letter contains personal touches specific to your relationship. Mention inside jokes shared experiences, and beloved memories, which will make your letter even more special and meaningful to them.

Keep it short and sweet

Regarding the length of your love letter, less is more. No one wants to read a novel-length declaration of love! Instead, focus on keeping your letter concise and to the point. After all, sometimes, the most impactful things are said in just a few words.

Be genuine

The most crucial element to remember when writing a love letter is to be genuine. Your partner can tell if you’re trying to say what you think they want to hear – so be honest, open, and vulnerable in your letter. Also, be specific about your feelings and what you love about your partner because generic compliments will fall flat.

Focus on the positive

When writing about your partner, focusing on the positive is essential because now is not the right time to bring up any issues or problems in your relationship – your letter should be a declaration of love and appreciation. If you need to apologize for anything, do so in person – a love letter is not the place for apologies.

Use loving language

Use loving and romantic language and aesthetic quotes to bring your letter to life. Avoid using harsh words or criticism, even if you’re joking – this is not the time for humor. Instead, focus on describing your partner in favourable terms and expressing how much they mean to you.

End on a high note

Ending your love letter is just as important as starting it. After all, you want to leave your partner with a lasting impression of your love for them. A great way to do this is to finish with a heartfelt declaration of your love. Alternatively, you could quote a romantic poem or song that perfectly expresses your feelings.

Seal with a kiss

Once you have finished writing your letter, don’t forget to add a special touch – a kiss. A simple red lipstick kiss on the paper will show your partner how much you love and care for them.

What you should avoid when writing the perfect love letter

When writing a love letter, there are certain things you should avoid doing;

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

In a love letter, it’s tempting to make all sorts of grandiose declarations and promises. However, it’s important only to make promises you know you can keep. After all, you don’t want to disappoint your partner or set unrealistic expectations.

Don’t bring up past problems

A love letter is not the time or place to bring up any past problems in your relationship but is a chance to focus on the positive and express your love for your partner, so leave any negativity behind.

Don’t be vague

It’s essential to be specific when expressing your love for your partner. Generic compliments will fall flat, so focus on what you love about them, making your letter more meaningful and personal.


Writing a love letter is a beautiful way to express your feelings for your partner. By following our tips, you can be sure to write a letter that will really wow them. So grab some stationery and get writing.

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