How you can choose the best perfumes

A perfume defines the personality of the person who uses it because that aroma distinguishes and gives a unique touch to the person who wears it. It can also help to project the idea of ​​certain attributes and even impress someone.

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How you can choose the best perfumes?

It is often thought that choosing a perfume is something simple, but in practice it is not like that, multiple factors are taken into account. Following some tips and knowing what impact it will cause not only on those who use it, but on those who will perceive it is decisive to find the ideal perfume like David perfume. You can also check out Kohls coupon if you are looking for the best deals.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of fragrances on the market for all tastes. There are physical stores where you can try smells until you find the ideal one and also online stores such as Sykscents Perfumes, where you can find the best perfumes.

A perfume has always been an unbeatable gift, there are recognized brands such as Bvlgari, Agua Brava, Benetton, Puma, Coco Chanel, Burberry, Loewe, Tommy Hilfiger, Tous, Massimo Dutti, Puig, Pacha that are a guarantee of a delicious fragrance. But not all fragrances suit everyone.

Aromatic families

For the elaboration of perfumes, ingredients are used that are classified in aromatic families, which help the user to settle or choose some notes that are more palatable. They are based on the following classifications:

Florals: They are those that are grouped or have the smell of flowers. In the female case, the most important components for perfumes are fruity roses, orange blossom and narcissus. From them come the Floral-Oriental, Floral-Fruity, Floral-Woody and spicy.

Caramelized: That they have two aspects. The sweets that are composed of those fragrances with notes of chocolate, vanilla and milk with other touches such as moss, wood and spices. And the fruit trees with aromas such as fruits including peach, pear, apple or raspberry that combine with floral aromas to create a fresh perfume.

How you can choose the best perfumes

Orientals: This family recalls the smells, flavors and landscapes of the Orient. They contain sensual and warm aromas, among which musk, vanilla, precious woods and exotic flowers stand out. Its most important result: They are refined and captivating perfumes.

Spicy: They are divided into Chypre and Wood.

Chypre: In this category are grouped aromas such as patchouli, rockrose, oak moss, musk, amber and rose, which are combined with floral aromas to produce strong perfumes, easy to recognize by their aroma.

Wood: They are more for men because they give dry and elegant touches. These are those with a woody heart, warm, aromatic and with hints of patchouli and sandalwood.

Gourmand: Fragrances that incorporate various notes. The honey, chocolate or vanilla that are known as gourmet stand out.

Citrus: In these, notes of lemon, grapefruit, bergota and orange stand out.

For women

For women it is important to follow some of the following tips: It is not the same to be 18 or 20 as 40 years. In each age the skin is different, the PH changes and therefore it is necessary to take into account what is being looked for according to this chronological criterion.

The youngest, at 20, generally opt for floral perfumes, a stage in which jasmine, linens, amber and magnolias stand out.

From the age of 30 the woman as she matures opts for citrus perfumes, of course they are essential floral but with that differentiating touch.

At 40 they go for the classics, those elegant perfumes, in which those of tuberose, herbs and the strongest smells are ideal.

Duration or fixation

Perfumes are not all the same as we have seen, so they do not all have the same capacity for duration or fixation on your skin, so there are a series of tricks to identify which ones are more fixed or how to prolong their aroma.

When you try a perfume, put it on your wrists, behind your elbows, even your knees and ears. They are known as hot spots and before choosing it, spray it on some of those parts and wait for a reasonable time, recommended for at least 30 minutes; it will allow you to know how long it can stay with you.


The PH of the skin is another important factor for the person. A perfume can give a different fragrance to each person and that depends on their skin, since each one has a particular body odor, so it is an issue to keep in mind when choosing a perfume. In addition, the type of skin is decisive. It is not the same to have it dry, oily or mixed. If it is dry, the odor will dissipate faster, so a very concentrated or strong perfume will have a more lasting effect on this type of skin.

Where to put it

For women, the ideal places to apply the perfume are the wrists, behind the ears, the neckline and the nape, which are the best points for it to remain longer. Remember that spraying it on clothes removes its aroma faster and on hair can dry it out and will dull it due to the alcohol they contain.

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