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Having a passive source of income is always good as it keeps a regular flow of the money, without the need of actually putting in much effort. It could be a good idea to utilise YouTube’s monetization system for this. You must first join the YouTube partner programme and meet their conditions to monetize your YouTube channel.

What is a youtube monetization program?

There are numerous creators on the YouTube platform creating content. Some of the creators are even verified and have a good following with a good amount of views on their videos. These creators earn a good amount of money as a passive income. This passive income is the result of the great number of views on their channel.

The majority of people who watch your video determines how much money you can make on YouTube. The individuals with the most youtube views are the ones who make the most of the money.

Youtube Partner Program

To provide creators with access to the YouTube Creator Support Team and other resources to the creators, YouTube came up with the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). It also allows you to earn money from advertisements that are featured on your content or the pop-up advertisements displayed by the advertiser.

How you can become a part of the YouTube Partner Program?

To become part of the YPP, you need to know the basic criteria that are needed to be fulfilled before enrolling in the program.

Firstly check if the YPP program is available or not in your country. You need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers on your channel and your videos have been watched for about 4000 valid hours by the audience overall. You also need to have an AdSense account linked to your channel.

Next, you need to follow the YouTube Monetization policies, YouTube Community guidelines and AdSense program policies. Enable the 2 step verification for your account. Verification of your account can be easily done, go to the manage videos option on the homepage of your channel and then under it select settings, then channel, then feature eligibility.

Once you are done with the verification and met all the guidelines you can enrol for the YPP. Sign in to your YouTube account, go to your profile and select Monetization.

How does Youtube Monetization work?

The YouTube monetization program is quite straight forward. Users that are members of the YPP have access to a variety of revenue opportunities.

  • Revenue from Advertisement

The Google Adsense Network creates advertisements that appear at any point throughout the video. You get paid for every advertisement placed on your video and each time a viewer sees thebadvertisement. There are different types of advertisement options available.

  • Membership for the Subscriber

You can create your subscriber community and offer them with some perks like exclusive content, badges, etc. This option is available for creators with 30,000 or more subscribers.

  • Super Chat while streaming

Subscribers’ messages can be highlighted in your channel chat stream. This is beneficial for YouTubers that use the live chat in their live streams.

Need of Youtube views

YouTube views are very important for the growth of a channel. The popularity of your channel all depends upon the views, subscribers, likes, comments and shares. Many times the content created by you is very unique and you have a good number of subscribers but the views are not much. This affects the growth of your channel. Buzzvoice provides you the right amount of views that you deserve on your video. So you can order youtube views from

Let’s wrap up

To earn a good passive income from your youtube channel, you need to understand the monetization policies of YouTube and get your channel enrolled in the Youtube Partner Program. There are various options under YPP through which you can earn. And to complete the basic need, YouTube views Buzzvoice is here at the rescue.

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