HTC One (M8) Official Wallpapers, Ringtones, Notification Sounds – Download here

Previously, the wallpapers were developed from scratch, which resembled HTC One M8’s official wallpapers. However, after the launch of HTC M8, we were able to get our hands on the official wallpapers extracted from the phone itself. These wallpapers come from HTC One (M8) Sense 6 UI. The wallpapers are of high definition and can be used on any Android device or even an iOS device. This time, we have something new as well. We were able to get hands on official ringtones, alarm sounds and notification sounds of HTC One (M8). You can copy these ringtones to your device and set them as notification tone. All of these notification sounds are in .flac format.

For some reason, people are always interested in getting wallpapers and tones from new flagship devices. These elements represent the new improvements in the phone’s software. Evey smartphone manufacturer has its own taste for wallpapers and notification sounds. HTC seem to make more elegant looking wallpapers. The notification sounds are more gentle. At 2160×1920 pixels these wallpapers are absolutely brilliant. You can use them on Desktop or any Smartphone. Some of you want lock screen wallpapers and here what you have got. With these huge pixels you can set your lock screen wallpaper without losing the shine and look of the wallpaper.

Maybe HTC wanted to play it safe and did not attempt to introduce new design, that it may be liked or disliked. There is no doubt that HTC One was a huge success, however it was not enough to give the company huge profits. HTC aims to gain better position in market this year. HTC has stated that it will focus on releasing low-end devices this year. We would love to see some brilliant looking and less expensive device from HTC. HTC One (M8) is merely an improved version of HTC One (M7). It looks and feels almost the same. The on-screen buttons have replaced the capacitive buttons. The screen size has been increased from 4.7 inches to 5 inches. HTC has placed two camera sensors at back, which will increase the stabilization factor when capturing an image. It will work like eyes, measuring relative position of an object. However, we suspect that like HTC One (M7), it will produce pixellated images on high resolution screens or when zoomed in. You can read about this phone in detail here.

To download the wallpapers, just click on the thumbnail and save image. Navigate through all images by clicking on next.

To set these wallpapers on your smartphone, copy them to phone’s SD memory. Now open any of the wallpapers and press menu button. Select “Use As” and then select is as background or wallpaper. You can also set it as lockscreen wallpaper if option is available.

Download Official Ringtones, Alarm Sounds, notification Sounds

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