HTML Conversion 101: How To Design Your Business Website

Last year, 51% of small business owners increased their client interactions online.

Seventy-nine percent expect to grow through their websites over the next five years. Yet 36% of small businesses still don’t have a website.

This article explains how to design a website for your business and how to convert HTML to benefit your store.

Read on to learn what HTML is and the right development platform to use. Discover different HTML conversion tools that can convert your online pages into PDFs for easy sharing. See how to create a site and promote your brand within minutes.

How to Create a Website

Perhaps you’ve read statistics like 91% of customers visit a store because of their online experience? Or that 69% of SMEs that have a website see annual sales of over $1 million?

Your business needs a website but where do you begin?

Terms like HTML, hosting, domain names, and SEO are confusing. You need a way to market yourself online as easily as possible. Yet you also require flexibility for customers who prefer website alternatives.

Coding vs Content Management Systems

You have three basic options to design your website:

  1. Learn to code and do it yourself
  2. Hire a developer
  3. Use a content management system (for example Headless CMS)

The latter CMS option offers a simple way to create a site within minutes. Free platforms like WordPress are an excellent choice and let you build your website over time.Plus, you can find managed hosting for WordPress which is an excellent solution for anyone without any IT knowledge.

However, if you want to have full control, you can learn to code or hire a developer to follow your instructions.

What Is HTML?

The building blocks of every web page contain HyperText Markup Language or HTML.

These tags tell the browser what to display on the screen. Images, text, tables, video — everything’s presented in HTML. The language is relatively easy to learn. And it can work with other coding languages to produce powerful results.

HTML Conversion

Once your website is up and running, wouldn’t it be great to share those pages as a catalog?

You could email your website to your customers as a PDF or Word document. They could then print it out or forward it to their friends.

The secret is to choose the right HTML conversion tool. And that’s especially important if you need to process a lot of HTML content.

Convert HTML to PDF

Converting from one file format to another depends on the software behind the code.

For example, the .NET framework allows you to use Microsoft’s platform to create ASP.NET PDFs. You simply install the library, choose your PDF options, then provide the HTML content.

The best HTML conversion tools also offer the ability to create PDF files in batches with only several lines of code.

Convert HTML to Word

You can convert your HTML web pages into MS Word format directly from Microsoft Word.

Simply open Word, then in the File menu option, find the HTML file on your computer. Word will import it and allow you to edit some of the content before you save it as a .doc or .docx file.

More Tips on How to Design a Web Page

Creating a website doesn’t have to be difficult to promote your business online.

Options like WordPress see you up and running within a few hours. You can then extend those pages through HTML conversion into PDFs and Word documents to share with your customers.

Read more tips and advice on how to design a website in our technology section. Don’t forget to bookmark us and share this article on social media.

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