Huawei watch gt editions comparison


The first two Huawei Watch products were a big part of the initial success of the Android Wear OS, so it came as a surprise when the company moved away from Google’s wearable platform for the Huawei Watch GT. Instead the company has decided to use its own software for its latest smartwatch, which appears to be adjacent to the Huawei Watch 2 running Wear in a separate product line, rather than being a kind of “Huawei Watch 3”. The Watch GT cut down on software to increase battery life,

and the good news is that it worked, albeit at the cost of compromises elsewhere.

Huawei watch gt editions:

There are four different editions of huawei watch gt.

  1. Sports edition
  2. Classic edition
  3. Active edition
  4. Elegant edition

Main difference between editions:

There are not many differences in design, the two new models have the same classic and elegant design. Except the Elegant edition is now slightly smaller with a 42.8mm case size and would most likely fit better for women than the Active edition which still retains the same 46.5mm case size as the previous ones Classic and Sport editions.

Additionally, the Elegant Edition is slightly thinner at 10.5mm than the 10.6mm of the other two, it is also lighter in weight, which further suggests it’s a perfect fit for women and people with smaller wrists.

Aside from the slight differences in sizes, colors also vary, the GT Active is available in fluoroelastomer orange and dark green, while the Elegant edition is available in black and white, not women’s favorite colors, though. On the other hand, the Classic has leather straps that obviously complement its classic branding, but that doesn’t mean the other two aren’t classic choices. The straps are interchangeable, so you can define how you want to look by simply changing the straps to your favorite choice.

How can you select perfect edition for you?

There are following characteristics as per according you can choose your most matching edition.

  1. Elegant edition:

Elegant edition is a great choice for women and girls. This device is a awesome comprehensive activity tracker too.

  1. Classic edition:

Classic edition is best choice for men and a great fitness tracker with long lasting battery life.

  1. Active edition:

A great choice for men with an impressive battery life while also featuring triathlon mode that makes it a great choice for comprehensive activity tracking.

Size and colors:

There are two size variants of huawei gt watch 46mm and 42mm. 46mm is usually for men use and 42mm is for ladies use.

All editions of Huawei gt watch have different color scheme options with removable straps. You can wear strap according to your matching dressing.

Battery capacity:

I found this accurate as the Active’s battery life dropped to 50% after a week. Battery life on the Elegant dropped to 60% by the end of the third day, although it’s still better than most smartwatches whose batteries last a day or two hardly. You can also find the best watches for nurses on Superwatches.

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