Identify the Top Talent With Talent Management Software Vendors

The process of hiring new employees can be long and tedious. Not only do they need to be hardworking and qualified for the job position, but they also have to mesh well with your existing team.

In fact, 74% of employers have admitted to having hired the wrong person for a position in the past. The problem may be common, but it is also time consuming and costly.

What’s the solution? Seeking the guidance of one of many top HR and talent management software vendors.

Just one of the many perks of talent management software is its ability to simplify the entire hiring process. Here are several perks that top talent management software vendors have to offer:

1. Multiple Platforms

One of the most important benefits of talent management software is its wide reach. The software allows your business to post your job position to multiple platforms, and you are able to reach out to potential candidates without ever leaving the system.

Not only does this keep the applications more organized, it also eliminates the tedious task of checking every platform and potentially missing top talent.

2. Employee Referrals

The best candidates not only look great on paper; they also have people who can readily vouch for their skills. This is where references come in.

Employee referrals can not only find you a better candidate for the job, but they can also earn your business more money too. Referred hires actually make on average 25% more profit than other hires.

Through talent management software, applicants can provide employee referrals from any of the job platforms they used. This means that you can save precious time because referred candidates are 55% quicker to hire.

3. Pre-Employment Screening

Sometimes, candidates simply omit details from their resumes, either intentionally or by mistake. Fortunately, background checks can help fill in any gaps. Background checks are a great way to know if someone has a criminal history, to fact-check their previous jobs and education, and verify their name, Social Security number and citizenship status.

During the pre-employment screening process, 85% of employers say they have found a lie on an applicant’s resume or application. From a simple click of a button, managers can request a background check through talent management software.

Not only can employers determine the quality of character of candidates through a background check; they can also ensure the safety of all their employees while upholding the integrity of the business as a whole.

4. Video Interviews

This past year, video interviews have become more popular than ever. They allowed candidates and you can also check atin america recruiters to connect and learn more about each other without having to commute to a physical location. For this reason alone, video interviews will likely remain a top choice among HR departments.

Video interviews can save you time during the actual interview itself (they are six times faster on average), but the turnaround time is also much quicker. In fact, 84% of applicants say they scheduled a video interview within 24 hours. Recruiters don’t even have to leave the talent management software system to conduct an interview; many vendors offer video software.


Finding a new hire can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of excellent talent management software vendors, businesses can find qualified candidates more quickly than ever and focus on what really matters: building a solid, competent team.

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