Jewellery like daily wear rings is worn for fashion and style, but we all know that a piece of jewellery that we wear every day becomes a part of our lives. It no longer serves the sole purpose of you looking stylish but also becomes a reminder of beautiful memories.

If you are someone who is looking for daily wear rings, then it might be time to head on to one of India’s top jewellers- Mia by Tanishq. Their designs are super unique and have become the talk of the town. Here are some options of daily wear rings from Mia by Tanishq that can inspire you to shop from them today!

Open Spiral Design

Daily wear rings can seem boring after a while, so you must keep experimenting with new designs to keep things trendy. This is why daily wear rings with an open spiral design can be a great choice to elevate your everyday style.

Turquoise Crown Ring

Only some colours can beat the summer heat, and blue is one of them. This daily wear ring is a great choice to light up any outfit you put on. You can style this ring with simple jeans and a top to give your everyday look some colour; this daily wear ring would make heads turn as you step out the door.

Peacock Glory

Most of us prefer to keep things simple in our daily lives but you may want to spice things up every once in a while, and for this purpose, this daily wear ring is a great choice. Since this ring has a flawless blend of diamonds and rose gold, it will brighten up any outfit you wear. If you want to look a little extra then this ring is the best choice to make a statement.

How To Style Daily Wear Rings?

As we all know, daily wear rings are super easy to style as they can be put on with virtually any outfit because of the versatility they offer. You can choose from silver or gold daily rings according to your skin tones and the colours that you like to wear.

If you enjoy dressing up in Indian clothing like suites and sarees then you might prefer wearing gold daily wear rings as gold jewellery is preferred with Indian clothing because it consists of warmer tones that blend well with the gold.

On the other hand, if you prefer wearing western clothing with cooler tones like blues and blacks then you can add silver daily wear rings to your look. If you like minimalist jewellery or are looking to add some bling to your everyday office look, then daily wear rings can be a great choice.

Daily Wear Rings- Where To Shop From?

Now that you have seen the options of daily wear rings, and how to style them, let’s look at the best places that you can shop for them as well. As you know there has been a rise in minimal jewellery over the last few years, and it has become all the rage.

A selection of minimal jewellery are daily wear rings that have also gained popularity. You can buy these rings from different jewellery stores both online and offline. The best place to shop for daily wear rings would be from a jeweller that sells good quality precious jewellery so that these rings last you a lifetime.

Mia by Tanishq is many people’s top choice when it comes to dainty everyday wear jewellery since their designs are super unique and match the tastes of today’s women.

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