Impact of C60 on Pets- 5 Things We Should Know About

Carbon 60 (C60), also known as Buckminsterfullerene, is a type of fullerene: A molecule made up of 60 individual atoms of a particular type of carbon atom.

Each of the carbon atoms has 3 bonds, each of which is connected to another carbon atom. Joined together, the 60 atoms form an almost spherical structure that looks similar to a soccer ball. The substance has been of interest to the scientific community for some time, while it has also raised the interest of people in the health industry. This is because C60 offers a variety of health benefits to people and to our pets. Below we take a look at a few of the ways C60 can be beneficial to your pet.

One reason for C60’s health benefits is the compound’s antioxidant properties. The properties help to protect the body against oxidative stress which is a process that causes damage at the cellular level. In protecting against damage to the cells, C60 will help give your pets a long and happy life.

Fights Inflammation

Inflammation is the cause of many ailments. It can be a danger to our health and it can also be very painful. It also affects our pets in the same way it affects us. Here are just a few of the ailments that inflammation is linked to include:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Obesity
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer

Studies have shown that C60 is effective at reducing inflammation. This, in turn, can help to soothe the symptoms of conditions caused by inflammation. Doing so will help to reduce any pain your pet is suffering from, helping to make them more agile, more active, and generally happier.

Detoxifies the Body

Impurities are all around us. They are in the food we eat, the water we drink, and even in the air that we breathe. Your pets will also be ingesting these impurities day in, day out, and they can begin to accumulate after a while. It can also be very difficult to get your pets to eat food that will help their body to detoxify themselves.

Not only can C60 help with detoxifying the body, but it can also help to protect the liver. With this in mind, using organic C60 for dogs will help to keep their bodies clear of impurities in the short term and for well into the future.

Improves Longevity

Oxidative stress is thought to be one of the causes of aging. The way it causes damage to cells means that organs and other body parts gradually become less effective. Our bodies don’t work as efficiently as they used to and our joints and muscles are not as strong or flexible as they used to be.

Using C60 with your pets, however, is thought to be able to reduce the impact of oxidative stress, thus helping to improve their longevity. Indeed, one study showed that the compound may nearly double the expected life span of rats.

Protects the skin

A healthy skin and coat are very important for your pet’s overall good health. For one thing, it is the first line of defense against disease, and cracked/broken skin will make it easier for pathogens to get into the body. Our pets are also at risk from the UV rays of the sun just as we are, however, but C60 can help to keep the skin in good condition.

Studies have shown that the compound’s antioxidant properties can help to protect the skin from damage by UV rays. Other studies in people have also shown that the compound may be effective at helping to reduce wrinkles. Use C60 with your pets and you will help to ensure healthy skin and a great-looking coat.

Supports Healthy Joints

Your pets’ joints will wear down after time. Eventually, it comes to a point where the cartilage, which acts as a cushioning barrier between the bones in joints, is worn thin. When this happens, the bones can come into contact with each other causing pain, inflammation, and loss of mobility. This is a common condition known as osteoarthritis.

C60, however, is effective at helping to reduce the oxidative stress on joints, helping to keep the cartilage and other tissues in good health. This will, in turn, help prevent complications such as osteoarthritis and other related medical conditions.


Clinical studies have shown various reasons why it’s a good idea to give C60 to your pets. C60’s antioxidant properties can help to prevent a variety of ailments. This helps to keep your pet healthy and happy while also prolonging its life. C60 oil supplements for pets have been formulated specifically with your pets in mind and it is completely safe to use. Just add a little to their food and you will be helping to give your pets a long and happy life.

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