Important Kids’ Motocross Gear You Can’t Ignore

Crashes are common in off-road riding. They let the rider stand on their feet again. However, some crashes can be fatal and can make things severe. 

If your kid is not well protected, they may be subject to serious injuries. The bike’s speed can worsen the impact of a crash and other natural elements like trees, trunks, branches, stones and mud that can give wings to the possibility of accidents. 

For all these reasons, the kids’ motocross gear is crucial to the sport. The right protective gear will help the rider feel safe and enjoy the ride. 

Let’s have a look at all the necessary protective gear you must equip your champ with. 

High-Quality Helmet

The helmet is a crucial piece of protective equipment for any dirt bike rider, regardless of age. Whether children or adults, motocross helmets are certified to the strictest standards. 

The two most important standards are the DOT (Department of Transportation) and the Snell Memorial Foundation standard. The advantage of Snell certification is that helmets are tested at multiple impact points. 

The point: make sure you choose a full-face helmet that is certified.

Durable Neck Protector

The kids’ motocross neck protector is a must-have for any child who takes part in motocross racing.

One of the most common injuries suffered by motocross riders is neck injury, ranging from mild muscle strain to severe ligament damage. Wearing a neck protector can help minimize the risk of injury by absorbing some of the impacts when you hit the ground. 

Most neck protectors are designed to protect your neck’s front against the impact. It may not be able to protect your neck completely from rear-end impacts. However, wearing a helmet can help minimize the risk of injury.

Motocross Vests & Jackets

The importance of the motocross vest is the protection it offers the rider in the event of a fall. It is designed to protect the spine and chest area. It also provides protection from abrasions. A motocross vest is made of a nylon material that is comfortable and lightweight.

While some people may assume that a motocross jacket is simply a leather jacket that has been modified for motocross purposes, this really couldn’t be further from the truth. Motocross jackets will typically have additional padding added in key places to protect the rider in the event of a crash. (It’s ironic then that the majority of motocross riders will usually have a much better chance of surviving an accident than they do an encounter with a deer in the forest!).

The point: A good motocross vest-jacket combo can be crucial for your champ if he/she is getting started with off-road riding. 

Motocross Protective Pants

The pants protect the legs from the stones on the road and possible branches or trees that come on the way. As off-road riders, kids must have ample protection in the knees and hips. 

These pants aren’t just another fabric piece stitched together. They come with additional padding that won’t let your kid get bruises or cuts after a crash. 

Quality Motocross Boots

Kids motocross boots are non-negotiable when you’re prepping up your champ for his/her first ride. They will encounter flying stones, twigs and other stuff along the way, and their feet will take most of the hits. The boots will also help your kid have a better grip on the pegs. All in all, motocross boots should be on your priority-one list when shopping for motocross gear. 

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Final Word

It’s nice you decided to introduce your kid to the motocross world. It’s good to have them feel the thrill and learn new skills. However, this sport does come with certain health dangers that can be eliminated by high-quality protective gear. 

Take cues from this article and make sure you prepare your champ for the maximum safety possible!

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