Important tips for writing an opinion essay

An essay as we all know is a Context of ideas, views, or debates or a congregation of facts be it imaginary or evidence-based. An important aspect of studying language is mastering the skill of essay writing. It embarks you with the grammar skills needed to be developed and channelizes the flow of your thoughts. More like a canvas to be painted an essay is an output of your imagination. 

Based on the purpose of addressing they are characterized into several types. Here we shall discuss how to write an opinion essay. Following are the tips highlighted and discussed that shall be used as essay writing help


The most important and the first of them all is imagination. Not only for this particular type but crucial for almost any type of essay. An opinion essay is a context that reflects your thoughts towards the assigned topic. What do you feel about it? What you wish it to be like? What are your opinions regarding the future or the past of the topic? 

The current scenario? Ask as many questions as yourself and discuss the points in your essay. Do consider the contradictory opinions of the readers and writers in a debating manner to gain the attention of the reader. 

However, do not make your content provocative and maintain a healthy discussion. Guide your thoughts backed by factual information and provide background information. A specific layout of this type of essay needs to be followed which is discussed further.


AS the basic layout starts with an introductory paragraph, opinion essays are no different. An introduction to the provided topic in general or through your perception needs to be provided here. A context as long as five hundred words minimum proves to be information providing. 

The introductory phrase has to be in one paragraph itself and need not be broken down into several paragraphs. Followed by the introduction the next paragraph should highlight the opinions you have for the topic. 

For instance, if the topic is political, you may initially highlight the good and immediately the bad points or vice versa if your thoughts are in support of the provided topic. Well, this is just an example. The range of topics may vary on a greater scale feel comfortable choosing your topic and run your imagination.  

Let the discussions revolve around two to three paragraphs or even more as per the need but make sure do not let your essay be too lengthy. The final paragraph is the conclusion portraying. Here you finish your argument with supporting statements for your discussion. Let this paragraph be about four hundred words or so long and strictly discuss the result or conclusion.


As it is well understood the need for a vivid and stronger vocabulary knowledge is crucial to develop advanced writing skills, developing the same is being discussed in this subsection. It is advised to include words that describe emotions as a whole in the context to make the paraphrase more expressive. 

Developing your vocab inventory comes from reading practice. Watching movies especially of English origin or web series also helps. However, documentaries are the best source for developing your language skills as well. 

Reading novels also helps to develop. Communicating with colleagues in a manner that can prove to help you develop your vocab also needs to be followed. You may also refer to samples from dissertation writing services to widen your vocabulary horizons.

Writing style

In an opinion essay, you must support your opinion statements in a manner obliged to the readers. Using a commanding or authoritative writing style is advised. This will help you to make the reader realize your opinions more effectively. 

Either they may feel opposed or obliged, either way, your effectiveness of the writing skill is beneficial. The grammar style needs to be kept in check. Talk most probably in the present tense. Change the tenses minimal or as required. 

Writing styles have to be curiosity generating and need to sound less boring to help the reader get through your essay. Essays are a means of communication. They need to be written in a manner as if you are conversating with the reader. Establish a dialogue in your writing style.

The above-highlighted points are the guidelines provided based on the writing experience. You may add to these points yourself, as writing is most probably a self-exploring and self-developed activity. Mastery comes over practice and time. 

An opinion essay is just a minor part of the writing world. Though being minor, these minor activities help us to develop our advanced writing styles. Follow these guidelines and develop an impactful opinion essay. Good luck.

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