Even if your website is great-designed, you need helping tools that increase the conversion on it and attract prospects. So, how could you improve it? Read the following information.

As we have already mentioned, you should use smart tools to boost your conversion and you can also check website visitor tracking tools. Why do you need them? Conversion rate optimization tools collect data about your website and its visitors to help you understand how people use your site and identify and test potential changes to increase conversion rates.

Let’s take a look at the most important tips.

Use live chats

Live chat is a tool that helps to conduct an online conversation on the website with the user at that very moment. It delivers high-quality customer service and boosts online sales.

Use of it will clarify users’ wishes. Then, they can ask different questions and get the answers right now. This enables you to take a tailored approach with your marketing efforts, and maximize the connection with your followers.

Take a look at the example of live chat help in the choice of the laptops. The user is interested in buying a “Dell laptop”, so then, live chat asks a number of detailed questions to know all the necessary information for the order, such as its color, address, number, and email of the user for delivery.

Use smart pop-ups

A pop-up is a form of online advertising and part of a digital marketing strategy to promote content and products on the world wide web.

A smart pop-up is a way for users to view and interact with messages and other notifications, completely removing the need to open the actual app that the message appears in. Instead, you can view and interact with messages in a floating window that sits on top of whatever else you have open on the screen.

Moreover, it is a no-code tool. All you need to do is to create a free account, design a pop-up or select one of our pre-designed popup templates, and embed the popup code to your website. A smart pop-up can be installed on every website platform on the internet. 

Use trigger links

This is one of the best ways to get users and increase your rate. Usually, they’re used for encouraging users to sign up for a webinar or sign up for early access to an upcoming product launch.

Unlike landing pages and pop-ups, triggered links assume that you already have customer information. Thus, the aim is not to obtain their data, but to simplify the registration process.

The goal of trigger links is to remove barriers to entry and keep your community engaged.

Look at the example below, which will offer you to get to know how it works.

Increase conversion on the website using Smart tools

Notification bars

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to let users know about a new product, announce a recently published blog post, announce free shipping, share a discount coupon, or expand your mailing list – notification bars are a great addition to any of your web pages.

It is one of the conversion tools to convert as many clicks as possible into customers and get the most out of every user interacting with your content. Use them when you want to promote new content. Have you just published an important blog post? Post the news to your notification bar to grab user’s attention and push them into your sales funnel.

Another option is when you want to inform users about a new promotion or increase followers.

Using the notification bar, you can tell them about discounts without harming their experience.

Final words

Conversion tools like live chats, pop-ups, trigger links, and notification bars can work effectively for improving conversion rates and profit margins. Always try and you’ll be successful in your business! 

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