There are many modern ways to invest in the property market. passive real estate investing is a preferred technique for individuals seeking a second income source and a slow but consistent increase in their portfolio’s value. 

One of such investment strategies is purchasing multifamily investment properties. A multifamily building is a home for several families, and it is any real estate property with more than one residential flat, each with its bathroom and kitchen. Apartment buildings or complexes with multiple units are the most common types of multifamily real estate.

They can range from two-family duplexes to high-rise apartment buildings housing hundreds of people. This article explains why you should consider this modern way to invest in real estate. Keep reading to learn more!

Reasons to Invest in Multifamily Real Estate

Here are some excellent reasons to consider investing in multifamily homes:

  • It Provides Cash Flow

One of the most significant advantages of multifamily property investments is the offer of consistent cash flow every month from rental income. Unlike single-family homes, which only have a few occupants, multifamily buildings have multiple tenants who pay rent.

Even if one unit is vacant, you’ll most likely have cash inflows from the other units. However, before acquiring multifamily real estate investments, conduct due diligence and develop an investment strategy.

Ascertain whether the rent you fix will outweigh your net operating expenses, which will involve taxes, mortgage payments, property management, insurance, and extensive property maintenance, based on the economic value of your apartments.

Suppose you satisfy the condition above and your building is in a reliable rental location where occupants can fill vacancies rapidly. In that case, you can acquire multifamily properties and anticipate a steady cash flow.

  • It’s Easier to Get Financing

The market rate of multifamily residences is almost always much higher than single-family dwellings in the same region. It is usually easier to acquire funding for multifamily real estate when dealing with investment properties.

Multifamily properties are less risky for lenders because the income stream for apartment buildings is more straightforward to predict than single-family rentals. Therefore, you can search for lower interest costs.

For instance, if you own four apartments and one occupant leaves suddenly, they will only reduce your rental revenue by 25 percent till you can rent out the unit. If the same thing occurs in a single-family property, you won’t have any earnings during the vacancy, putting your lender at greater risk.

  • You Can Expand

If you want to diversify your investment holdings, investing in multifamily properties is a faster way to do so than single-family apartments (which you have to purchase individually).

It also provides an opportunity to transition into commercial property investment. More significant multifamily real estate (buildings containing five or more apartments) can be classified as commercial properties, resulting in greater cash flow possibilities.

  • It Offers Passive Income

Buying a house in hot markets is an excellent way to generate passive income. You’ll have minimal responsibilities on your investment property if you engage a property management firm to communicate with occupants and maintenance. 

It will give you more time to concentrate on your job or subsequent investments. If you’re interested in making passive income from your multifamily property, you can visit the Holdfolio website to get started.

  • There are Tax Benefits

Multifamily investing provides appealing tax advantages. You can deduct expenses including property management fees, utilities, insurance premiums, repairs and maintenance charges, and marketing fees.

In the long run, you can benefit from cost-segregation tax breaks and property depreciation as your housing complex and its equipment age, even though the building’s fair market value is theoretically increasing.

  • It Involves a Simple Process

Investing in multifamily properties is more manageable than commercial real estate buildings or handling multiple single-family homes. You can acquire several apartments with one loan (instead of one for each single-family residence), and insurance agencies familiar with multifamily buildings can write a plan for you.

Risks Associated With Multifamily Investing

  • There Might be Competition

Since multifamily residences offer their investors many advantages, experienced stakeholders will most likely be interested in a favorable rental market. 

Prices can rise further if property management firms and developers compete for the same buildings. Some investors can decide to buy with cash, making it challenging for newcomers to enter the market.

  • It’s Not Easy to Manage

Supervising many apartments is a significant responsibility requiring substantial attention, time, and maintenance.

If you’re investing for the first time, have several units to manage, or don’t have enough expertise or time to execute landlord duties, employing a real estate management firm to oversee the daily operations is essential.

Importance of Hiring a Management Firm for Your Multifamily Rental

If you decide to buy a multifamily property, which is a modern way to invest in real estate, you need to consider engaging the services of an experienced management company. The more apartments you have, the more critical it is to seek assistance for their management. 

Unless you’re a handyman, can be on standby for emergencies, understand everything about your local housing regulations, and are willing to devote a significant amount of time to your property and its tenants, employing a property management agency is almost mandatory.

Property management companies will essentially handle all your daily duties, which include collecting rent from occupants, turning over apartments, and responding to maintenance requests. 

While the firm’s fees will reduce your profits slightly, they’re usually inexpensive at this scale of real estate investment, and their capabilities are worth their costs.

Bottom Line

Suppose you’re a newbie looking for a modern way to invest in real estate or an investor searching for a means to diversify your portfolio. In that case, you can consider investing in multifamily properties.

Although this real estate class offers several benefits like consistent cash flow, accessible financing, expansion, tax benefits, passive income source, and straightforward processes, it involves a few risks, such as possible competition and management challenges. 

However, many seasoned professionals can assist you in managing the daily operations of your property. Ensure you perform due diligence before taking any major decision to avoid future issues.

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