Interior Paint Combinations That Work in Any Room

You want to renovate your home, or perhaps even just paint a room, but have no idea where to start in terms of colour? You can either head on over to Arova Kitchens & Bathrooms, or stick around for what is sure to be a great read. So, is this you? Are you ready to paint your project and are unsure of what colors to go with?  If so, you aren’t alone. You can either head on over to This is a debate that families, couples, and friends have every single year. Don’t worry; here are some fantastic interior paint combinations for you today.

Mustard and Sapphire Blue

Before you move ahead to the next suggestion without stopping, the mustard and sapphire combination is quickly gaining attention in this niche. It’s vibrant, characterful, and fun too. For example, why not paint the walls a sapphire blue before adding a mustard table and chairs? Alternatively, choose one of the colours as the main focus and then paint a feature wall the other colour. These two colours actually complement each other incredibly well.

Grey and Mint

This time, we’re going for a more subtle appearance, and this is especially calming in the kitchen. For us, mint green offers the perfect balance between classic and modern. After this, a pale grey keeps the whole room looking like something you might find in a beach house. This is perhaps the polar opposite of the first paint combination, but one that still has value in the home.

Monochrome Colours

If you’re looking for sophistication and an opportunity to show your personality, one of the best solutions is to go monochrome. Just because you’re looking for paint combinations, this doesn’t mean you need to choose two different colours. Monochrome combinations work beautifully in many rooms, and it’s up to you which colour you choose. For example, you might want a deep blue paired with a pale blue.

Cream and Turquoise

While some people choose a turquoise wall with cream accents, others flip this formula entirely. Which will you choose? When decorating a living room, it’s hard to ignore the polished look of this combination. Especially for those who want to hang art in the room, this combination is simple enough that it doesn’t detract from or battle with the art itself. Instead, it’s a subtle backdrop.

Tan and Cream

What about decorating an office? Do you seek a charming yet professional look? In this case, we recommend starting with cream and adding tan around the room. As well as a paint combination, you can also use cream as a foundation for all the walls and then add tan accents through desks, chairs, bookcases, and other wooden items.

Grey and Yellow

We promised paint combinations that work in any room, and that’s exactly what we have with grey and yellow. One of the best things about this combination is that you can choose the shades of yellow and grey that you like the most. Rather than following a set formula, consider whether you want a warm, dark yellow, or perhaps a bright yellow (this often depends on the room!). From here, choose a grey to match; again, this can be pale, dark, or somewhere in between.

Top Tips for Choosing Colours in Your Home

We know that choosing colours for your home is difficult; how are you supposed to narrow down the search when there are so many available? To finish, therefore, here are some top tips:

  • Look online, in magazines, and in catalogues for inspiration.
  • Get online coursework about advanced interior decorating knowledge from reputable online institutions such as the National Design Academy.
  • Start with a neutral colour and then choose another one that complements it.
  • Think about the natural light coming in and how you can amplify this
  • Look at artwork because artists are always combining colours.
  • Start simple and work your way up (nobody wants to walk into a room with 13 different colours!)

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