Introducing 5 iPhone Data Recovery Software

How can I recover important iPhone data if it disappears? In this article, we will introduce you to some popular iPhone data recovery software. Even if the iPhone is attractive, the problem is that there is an accidental deletion that accidentally deletes the data.

Many people may be wondering what to do when they delete important data, so it is important to be able to handle it properly at that time. Have you ever accidentally deleted data such as contacts, notes and photos stored on your iPhone? You will be in trouble if you lose your important iPhone data. Actually, there is a way to recover deleted iPhone data. 

You can easily recover deleted iPhone data by using iPhone data recovery software. And here are 5 iPhone data recovery software that are useful when you accidentally delete such iPhone data.

Best 1. Wondershare “Dr.Fone”

First of all, it will be Wondershare’s dr.fone-iPhone data recovery software called iPhone data recovery software, which is a recovery software specialized for iOS and is very attractive as an iPhone data recovery software. Here is the direct download link of this software.

You can restore multiple deleted photos, contacts, memos, messages, etc. on your iPhone with high quality. In addition, the restored data such as contacts and memos will be restored to the iPhone as it is. The operation method of iPhone data recovery is also easy, it will be recognized when you start the software and connect the iPhone, so you only have to select the one to restore from the displayed data and restore it. Even beginners can use it in earnest immediately.

Best 2. iMyFone

Next is iMyFone,, but the appeal of this iPhone data recovery software is that it can be restored from any state, and it can be restored not only from the device but also from iTunes and iCloud. 

This iPhone data recovery software also has a free trial, so if you are interested, please download and use it. I think it’s a little inconvenient because iMyFone is also software made overseas and some of it is not localized.

Best 3. Apowersoft iPhone Data Recovery

Next is Apowersoft’s iPhone data recovery software, which is a software that can restore IOS devices in a short time, and is compatible with all iOS devices. You can use it as iPhone recovery software for free, and you can also use it as iPhone photo recovery software.

 It supports recovery of 15 types of files such as messages, contacts, notes, photos, videos, app data, voice mails on iPhone. Before you restore deleted data on iPhone, you can preview the data and selectively restore it.

Best 4. FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery

Next, I would like to introduce Aiseesoft’s FoneLab iPhone data recovery software. This software can scan and restore contacts and lost data that you accidentally deleted from your iPhone device. 

Its function is very simple, it scans the deleted contacts, photos, music and other data from your iOS device and displays them item by item. You can freely select the items you want to restore. I think it’s very convenient.

Best 5. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

Finally, it will be FonePaw’s iPhone data recovery software, but since the functions that can be used in the free trial version are limited, we recommend you to experience only the functions in the free trial version and use the product version for full-scale use. 

It can also be used as iPhone backup and restore software, and it is becoming popular as a software that also restores iPhone contacts. It is suitable software when considering the free version of iPhone data recovery software.

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