Introducing the GAMMA, an All-Climate Jacket

The fashion industry innovates each year with groundbreaking designs, colors, and flattering figures. However, one of the most recent breakthroughs comes from using new materials to create fabrics that are more durable and adaptable than ever before. Various brands have had enormous success in their crowdfunding campaigns. In the case of Wear Graphene, it’s the graphene-based launch product. The GAMMA jacket an All-Climate Jacket, uses the Nobel Prize-winning material to deliver a seamless wearer experience in any terrain or climate.

Introducing the GAMMA, an All-Climate Jacket

One of the best features of this graphene jacket is that it’s incredibly light but preserves all of the functions of heavy-duty coats and athletic clothing pieces. Weighing about a pound, wearers can quickly throw this travel jacket into a travel case or backpack without messing with luggage fees or carrying capacity. The time of choosing which jackets to pack for an extended outdoor trip might just be over. The GAMMA jacket effectively replaces sturdy windbreakers, summer tops, and winter coats with its sleek and adaptable design.

Introducing the GAMMA, an All-Climate Jacket

The GAMMA’s primary focal point is delivering an all-climate jacket performance via the graphene material’s superior heat conductivity and UV protection. In hot weather, the jacket pulls excess heat and moisture away from the wearer, and the UV-proof fabric receives less heat from the sun. For colder seasons, the graphene-infused fabric distributes the wearer’s body temperature evenly around the torso, providing a layer of insulated air. The internal body heat might not be enough for freezing weather conditions, which is where most other light jackets fail to provide adequate warmth.

Luckily, GAMMA (heated jacket) is ahead of the game, using integrated carbon fiber heating elements on the back and torso area. The graphene layer helps distribute evenly the heat generated. The heaters are powered via a USB-connected battery bank (not included with the jacket) and can get to a toasty 60 degrees Celsius in minutes, allowing the wearer to be out and about in negative 30oC with relative comfort.

This heated jacket’s functionality is further improved with its rain and wind-proofing capabilities. The outer material layer is entirely resistant to water, air, and dirt particles, keeping the wearer protected from wind and dirt. The high collar and elongated hood will also lower the heat loss in adverse weather conditions. The jacket’s plentiful external pockets are all zipped up and resistant to water, keeping the user’s valuables safe from rain and dust infiltration. With a bunch of pocket space at your disposal, the GAMMA jacket becomes indispensable on the daily commute or longer backpacking trips, allowing you to keep everything close by.

Extreme sports and outdoors enthusiasts can also use this jacket for pretty much every situation due to its incredible ruggedness. The graphene-infused polymer material doesn’t scratch or tear and it will endure knife slashes and pierces without puncturing. While the jacket doesn’t have much cushioning to alleviate impacts, its generous sizing allows the wearer to easily add layers with a shirt underneath without getting too bulky or immobile.

Besides being built for function, the GAMMA jacket is also stylish enough to transcend temporary fashion trends. The minimalistic black outline allows the wearer to pair the piece with other apparel or put it on over an existing outfit without causing clashing colors or styles. If you’re a fashion-minded individual, this all-climate jacket can be an indispensable apparel item to tie various outfits together and make them suitable for any weather.

With trends moving towards more sustainable and durable clothing, companies like Wear Graphene have become the ones to follow for the latest smart and adaptable fashion statements. If you want to find out more about graphene clothing’s benefits, visit the brand’s crowdfunding campaign at

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