Irish homeware must-haves

Your home is your retreat. Your special place to shelter from the world, to celebrate with friends or to snuggle up during the long winter nights. It’s the place where you make memories with the ones you love. Home décor should make you feel happy, reflecting your identity and personal taste, as well as creating comfort and atmosphere. It turns a house into a home, and so it’s really important to invest in pieces that feel right for you. At Aran Sweater Market, we know how good it feels when your homeware unites beauty and function to create a perfect and stylish space. Here is our guide to Irish homeware must-haves. 

  • Irish sheepskin rugs

A sheepskin rug is the ultimate home accessory. It looks fantastic whether used in front of the fire or over an armchair, and has a multitude of uses. Cosy, stylish, and 100% natural, it is perfect for those who want to create an eco-friendly home with a welcoming atmosphere. Sheepskin rugs are naturally orthopedic, with their springy fibres cradling and supporting your body in all the right places. With this cushioned support relieving pressure points and soothing aches and pains, you won’t want to lounge anywhere else! As a timeless style classic, the sheepskin rug will never go out of fashion, speaking of luxury and comfort whilst remaining durable. Your rug will last for many years, giving you an easy-care piece that adds texture and luxury to any room. 

  • Aran throws

An Aran throw is a must for cuddling up this winter. Featuring unrivalled softness as well as timeless style, there’s no better way to relax than curling up on the sofa with one of these. Aran Sweater Market’s Aran merino throws are the last word in luxury. Made from 100% merino wool, they are crafted in Ireland, and so bring the atmosphere of Irish culture and history to your home. With a wide range of colours available, there is an Aran throw to suit every space. Quality craftsmanship unites with natural materials to create an heirloom piece that your family will treasure for many years to come. 

  • Aran cable knit tea cosy

Ireland is a nation of tea-drinkers and so it’s no surprise that keeping your tea hot is a serious business! These Aran cable knit tea cosys are a fun nod to our tea drinking heritage, and make a fantastic gift – especially to friends living abroad who are missing Ireland. The excellent insulating qualities of an Aran knit mean this is a practical item as well as a fun one – whip one out at teatime and enjoy raising a smile!  

  • Baby blankets

There is nothing lovelier than cuddling a new baby up in something super soft and beautiful to the touch. It is calming for a little one to be held warm and snug in such gentle fabric; while it is a wonderful gift for any new parents to be given something that is not only practical but super stylish. The Aran Sweater Market wool cashmere baby throw comes in a variety of pastel colours to suit any taste or gender, and is a fantastic way to make sure your new arrival is the perfect temperature. For something more fun, our lambswool baby throw comes in a multi colour spot pattern that will look great in a freshly decorated nursery or playroom. The merino sheep and shamrock baby throw is perfect for a little one with Irish heritage, giving a playful nod to history and culture whilst providing the softest care. 

  • Clan Aran homeware

Displaying a personalised Clan Aran stitch, complete with your clan’s history, is a wonderful way to make your home unique. Aran Sweater Market have a huge range of clan names and histories, each featuring the family Aran stitch alongside a history of the clan and the clan’s crest. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone with Irish heritage, look no further. Or if you would like to feel more connected to your own Irish roots, this is a great way to display them proudly in your home – simply frame the stitch alongside the clan crest and history. To take it a step further, invest in a clan Aran throw. With over 300 clan names available, the Aran Sweater Market clan Aran throws are family heirloom pieces made with your family’s unique stitch. Each pattern is deeply rooted in Irish legend, folklore, history and culture, making a super-soft clan Aran throw something to treasure for generations to come.    

  • Michael Collins travel blanket

If you’re seeking a real connection to Irish history, why not invest in the Aran Sweater Market historic reproduction of Michael Collins’ travel blanket. In 1922, Foxford Woollen Mills crafted a specially commissioned travel blanket and presented it to Michael Collins. This travel blanket was subsequently used by Michael Collins while travelling in his armoured car and was in his vehicle when the tragic ambush at Béal Na Bláth took place, resulting in the death of one Ireland’s greatest political icons. The Aran Sweater Market reproduction has been created in conjunction with Michael Collins House in Clonakilty. The blanket is olive, gold and white in a Melange yarn, using a traditional Foxford check. A vintage 4 ply yarn was used for the weaving, similar to the quality wool used in the early part of the last century. This gives a very warm sturdy blanket, and a very stylish way to add a touch of history and heritage to your home.

  • Cushions

Such a simple yet stylish accessory, a well placed cushion is the perfect way to elevate the mood of every corner of your home. Take your Irish Aran theme and extend it from your throws to matching cushions. Aran Sweater Market’s Aran knit cushion covers come in a wide variety of colourways for effortless matching to your home décor. Made with 100% Merino wool and using traditional Aran stitches, these classic pieces will make you comfortable as well as looking fantastic. 

For decor that is traditional yet up-to-the-minute stylish, look to Irish homewares. From soft and snuggly Aran throws to heritage travel blankets and historic clan display sets, make your house a home with Aran Sweater Market.   

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