Iron Cross vs Frontier Bumpers

When you own a truck you obviously desire everything to be on point. That is exactly why you would treat yourself to some of the finest aftermarket bumpers on the market. So through this article we will discuss two of the world’s leaders in the business, Iron Cross and Frontier bumpers. These two brands are leaders within this business and they understand and appreciate how to make a truck look a million dollars. Both these brands are different yet their goal is the same, give a truck a reliable, strong, durable finish that will turn heads every time. 

About Iron Cross Bumper 

If you are looking for experience in the bumper industry there is no company more reliable than Iron Cross. They have over 30 years of experience of producing the finest bumpers in America. They are based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They use the cool Maltese cross as their symbol, as it symbolises strength and durability. There are lots of other strong institutes that use this logo also.

They produce two fantastic lines, the Heavy Duty series and the Hardline. As the name suggests, the Heavy Duty series is made to protect and give ultimate support and security to your truck. When you purchase this bumper your truck will not be the only thing working hard. You will have peace of mind behind the wheel as you will know you are protected 100%. 

Features of Iron Cross Bumper

You can expect these types of incredible features when you buy such an aftermarket bumper from Iron Cross:

  • 10 gauge steel
  • Textured powder coating finish 
  • Precision CNC cut pieces
  • Versatile
  • Amazing durability
  • Simple installation

About Frontier Bumpers

When you go for a brand such as Frontier you are buying quality from start to finish. The original Frontier aftermarket bumper got drivers attention, as it is high quality diamond steel with a mounting system that is designed to fit each pick-up truck perfectly. They also produced the Frontier Sport series for those that enjoy off road activities on the weekends. They added LED cube lights with a light bar that made this model stand alone. There is also the Commercial series which gives drivers a diamond steel 40”  pipe construction. This makes the bumper as tough as can be and also allows your vehicle to stand alone. 

Features of Frontier Bumpers

What makes a frontier bumper special are these incredible features that make truck drivers buy only the Frontier brand for their vehicles. 

  • Accessories such as light bars and winches are easily mounted
  • Lots of added protection
  • Diamond steel
  • Integrated 2” receiver
  • 40” diamond pipe construction


When you need an aftermarket bumper for your beloved vehicle, you have two fantastic choices. Both of these items will give your truck power, protection and a look that will turn heads. Both the Frontier and Iron Cross brands are world respected and there is a reason for that, they both make quality items that last years protecting your vehicle. 

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