Twitch has emerged as the biggest streaming platform in a brief period of time. Twitch is a gaming-centric streaming platform with a lot of viewers. Here, streamers stream and interact with their live audience very closely. You can follow your favorite streamers to stay updated with their live streams, and you can also subscribe to them if you like their content. 

But you must know that subscribing to a twitch streamer costs you money, and there are various plans to subscribe to a streamer, like for a month, for six months, or yearly. The price kept increasing as you choose a longer duration. Subbing to a channel gives you extra perks that the general followers don’t have, like access to custom emotes, earn a subscriber badge, sub-only games, loyalty badges, and many more things. You can also gift subs ann donations to your favorite streamers as it is the only way the streamers earn money.

There are numerous big streamers on twitch with humongous subscribers by which they earn millions of dollars, and twitch is their only primary earning source. Many people aspire to be like them or just want to grow their channel to a respectable position. But expanding on twitch is not an easy task, as there are already plenty of variety streamers and content creators streaming daily for their live audiences. So the question is that how can you grow on twitch? Is buying twitch followers safe?

There’s a straightforward answer to this, buying twitch live viewers and followers and is entirely safe. As various websites can lure you in to buy twitch followers, but all are not trustworthy, here we will discuss one such website that provides the perfect service for twitch related issues, Followerspanda.

What is Followerspanda?

Followerspanda is a website that is made explicitly for twitch services. Followerspanda delivers the highest quality twitch followers that you can buy at a very cheap rate. You can also buy twitch live viewers from Followerspanda. 

Why choose only Followerspanda?

As earlier mentioned, Followerspanda is specifically made for Twitch. One of the primary reasons you should buy twitch live viewers and twitch followers solely from Followerspanda is that they provide followers from real people accounts, not bots, which results in a more organic audience, increasing the overall growth of the channel. Followerspanda also respects your privacy as they don’t even ask for your password to increase your followers.

Despite providing real people accounts and not bots, followerspanda also has the best services and secured payment gateway through PayPal, one of the most trusted payment options.

Let us have a look at the exclusive features of twitch followers that followerspanda provides:

  • Fast delivery 
  • Non-drop followers, followerspanda guarantees that the followers they provide are non-drop. Even if they drop, they will refill it in a month.
  • Guaranteed refund, if the services aren’t delivered within 36 hours, followerspanda will issue a refund.


Many people think that purchasing twitch followers is unsafe, and twitch has a strict policy about buying followers. But Followerspanda delivers organic followers that are real accounts, not just bots that are entirely safe and secure. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

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