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Many of us like to play games mainly due to the real fun that we get by playing games. It is also a great destressing activity. Although gaming has evolved over a period and the attitude towards gaming has also changed. Now, it’s the era of online games that are played through electronic gadgets. It also helps you to play games with anyone in the world and you don’t need to be physically together to play together.

Although, there are certain threats linked to online games that make it a bit concerning. Due to this, many gamers prefer using VPNs at the time of playing online games. Here, we will try to find out Is ExpressVPN good for gaming or you should opt for any of its alternatives.

Why Use VPN For Playing Online Games?

There are certain reasons for due to which one should use a VPN while playing digital games. The major ones out of them are:

  • DDoS Attacks: Many gamers do DDoS attacks on other gamers to increase their time lags. Multiplayer games are sensitive to time lags and such time latency gives some players an unfair advantage to win. The very first benefit of using a VPN is that it prevents you from such DDoS attacks.
  • Internet Censorship: There are lots of games that are banned in your region. You can play those games by using a VPN.
  • Taxes And Other Charges: Some games come with in-app purchases. These purchases include taxes that make them a bit costlier. You can get some price reductions by shopping through areas where tax rates are low.
  • Geo-Specific Games: There are lots of games that are not available in your area or are yet to be released in your countries. You can get access to such games by using a VPN.

These are the reasons, why you should use a VPN for online gaming. The two major VPNs that are mostly used for gaming are CyberGhost and ExpressVPN. For knowing more about them, you can read CyberGhost Vs ExpressVPN. Though, in the further section, we have discussed is ExpressVPN good for gaming or not. But before that let’s have an overview of ExpressVPN.

What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a British Virgin Islands-based VPN service provider. It is known for excellent services and offers virtual networks across the globe. It can easily bypass geographically blocked content along with censored content. It is very easy to use and supports AES 256-bit encryption with a 4096-bit RSA and SHA-512 HMAC authentication. It also provides some amazing entertainment features. Now let’s check is ExpressVPN good for gaming or not.

Why Use ExpressVPN For Online Gaming?

ExpressVPN has built a special reputation amongst online gamers. It is the first choice for many. It has many special advantages that make it one of the best VPN for gaming:

  • Seamless Gaming: Time is critical in gaming. Even a gap of some seconds gives an advantage to players. So, an interruption-free experience is required to play online games. Such a seamless experience is offered by ExpressVPN.
  • Prevents DDoS attacks: As stated earlier, ExpressVPN uses the industry’s best encryption and protocols. This helps a user in getting protection against DDoS attacks.
  • High Connection Speed: Using ExpressVPN means low ping time. It is very fast and even the locations far away from the servers have fast speeds. This means you don’t need to compromise on video resolution to get good performance Not only that, but the performance of ExpressVPN is also consistent which significantly improves the gaming experience.
  • No Country-Specific Restrictions: With ExpressVPN, you can play without the thoughts of country borders. It is capable of accessing banned games or the games that are yet to be released in your region.
  • Works In China: This feature can really be helpful if you reside in China or if you are planning to visit China. Well, ExpressVPN works in China and can easily bypass the Great Chinese Firewall. Besides, it is also legal in most countries.

So, these are the major reasons for choosing ExpressVPN over any other VPN service provider. You can also test its features before purchasing it through its trial version. Due to this, it is also considered as best free VPN for Hotstar. You can also check Disney Plus VPN.

Is ExpressVPN Good For Gaming: The Bottom Line

At last, we would like to say that ExpressVPN is very good for online gaming. Their performance and security features are too good. Their prices may look expensive but, they give adequate value for money, plus you can use the ExpressVPN coupon, to get a great deal. It is the best VPN for borderless gaming. They have 3000+ servers all over the world, 160 server locations, and a presence in 94 countries. Advanced technology, a reliable network, and a great philosophy are at play. Though if are looking for its alternatives then choosing StrongVPN can be a great choice for you. Through StrongVPN Vs ExpressVPN comparison, you can know more about them.

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