A hair spray is a substance that is sprayed onto the hair to keep it stiff or in place. The spray dries quickly and can be used for different styling techniques. But there have been some myths revolving around the use of hairspray. 

A myth stating how bad hairspray is for the health of your hair. There isn’t a clear-cut yes or no to if this is true. Of course, overusing hair spray continuously would negate any potential health advantages. Just like the saying goes “Too much of any good thing is bad” this goes for hair spray too. This article will point out how hair spray use may go wrong for your hair.

What Does Hairspray Contain?

A polymer, a solvent, and a propellant are the three main ingredients.The solution is forced out of the can by the propellant and sprays as a fine mist. The solvent and propellant in this liquid evaporate when it is sprayed. When the polymer hardens on the hair, a rigid coating is left behind to hold the hair in place.

Hairspray propellants once contained CFCs, which are now prohibited due to their negative effects on the ozone layer. Nowadays, propellants used in hairsprays are more often hydrocarbons and compressed gasses which are not recorded to be harmful.

Right And Wrong Ways Of Applying Hair Spray 

In this section, we will be looking at some dos and don’ts of applying hair spray to help you get the most out of your hair.

The Right way

  • Do use a small amount of hair spray to avoid over-drying or damaging the strands of your hair.
  • Do use hairspray in different areas of your head for more volume
  • Do choose natural ingredients for the best product, like organic wheat protein and apple cider vinegar.

The Wrong Way 

  • Don’t Spray too liberally because then you risk getting a sticky scalp or wet strands.
  • Don’t apply too much hairspray on one spot on your head
  • If a hair spray contains alcohol or causes hair to be sticky, then it is not a good choice.

Advantage Of Using Hairspray The Right Way

Hairspray is a fine mist that is sprayed on the root area of the hair. Its primary purpose is to keep hair in place and prevent flyaways. Hairspray is used by many women to cover graying hair. It usually has a formula of hair dye mixed with other solvents. There are many ways you can touch up your roots without having to dye your hair again. One way to remember is by using a gray root touch-up spray.

Hair loss is another issue for those who suffer from it. There are many products on the market today to help people who suffer from hair loss manage their hair. Spray to cover bald spots falls into this category of products.

Hair spray also can be used for root cover-up blonde style. This technique is done by applying a darker shade of blonde on the roots to give your hair some depth and warmth. The darker color is applied to the root area and then it’s combed through with a fine-toothed comb or brush.

Other Advantage Of Using Hairspray?

  • The color lasts for about three days and can be scented to leave you smelling fresh and clean.
  • Hairspray can protect hair from water, dust, and other factors which cause hair damage.
  • It can be used to make the hairstyle more stable and long-lasting.
  • Hairspray can also be used as a styling product on its own instead of using it as a protective agent.

Problems That May Occur When Using Hair Spray Wrongly 

Hair spray is used to create a hairstyle by locking in your style. Hair spray does not ruin your hair, rather it protects it from pollution and UV rays.

There is a risk of using hair spray wrongly as you may end up with unwanted sticky/greasy-looking strands and even have an allergic reaction.

The hair can get weighed down by the product which leads to lackluster locks that lack any bounce or movement. 

The bottom line is, to use hair spray safely to avoid any damage and make sure you know what is used in the formulation of the product before buying it. 

11 Things To Be Mindful Of When Using Hair Spray

So does hairspray damage hair? The answer is no. Nothing in hairspray has been proven to be harmful to the health of your hair. Although to maintain healthy hair, you need to be mindful of a few things when using hairspray.

  1. Pick The Right Kind Of Spray

You must be careful when choosing the proper type of hair spray because there are so many available. For example, heat protectant sprays must be applied before styling to reduce thermal damage to your hair.

A finishing spray, which is applied at the end of your routine and may or may not offer thermal protection benefits, cannot take the place of this. Check the labels to be sure you are purchasing exactly what is described, and then follow the instructions to the letter.

  1. For Incredible Hair Volume, Hold Your Head Downward

Holding your head upside down. And shake it while spraying on hair fiber close to the roots. This is a great trick for adding volume. 

Once the product has been thoroughly worked into your hair while it is still upside down, shake it straight with your hands. You can repeat this process a few times to increase the volume until you achieve your touch of perfection.

  1. Reduce Product Accumulation

Your hair is vulnerable to product buildup if you frequently put styling products on it. Your hair will become weighed down by product buildup.

And since your products must penetrate multiple layers of old products, they will be less effective. Over time, hairspray can leave behind white particles on the hair that resemble dandruff.

Use a clarifying shampoo to fully remove any hairspray residue from the hair. To avoid product build-up.

  1. Lackluster Hair Might Result From Hairspray

Over time, your hair will start to seem dull if you regularly coat it in polymers. For healthy, lustrous hair, use a vitamin E-containing hairspray.

Your hair won’t get damaged if you only use hairspray minimally. But if you use sprays a lot, your hair can start to lose some of its best qualities.

Applying additional products is essential to preserve moisture and gloss, avoid product accumulation, and prevent stains. Aside from that, always take good care of your hair. In this manner, you can profit from hairspray while preserving healthy hair.

  1. Steer Clear Of Ethanol-Containing Hairsprays

Alcohol of the type called ethanol can dry out hair. It can damage it, and irritate the scalp. Avoid using ethanol-based hair sprays as much as possible. Instead, choose non-drying fatty alcohols like stearyl, Cetearyl, or cetyl alcohol.

Use a nourishing hairspray, which contains argan oil. To promote hydration.

  1. Use Caution When Brushing

Brushing hair is one of the most typical ways to harm it. If you intend to brush through your coil afterward, stay away from super-hold hairsprays. Instead, choose a hairspray that has a softer hold. So it leaves your hair touchable.

  1. Always Spray A Few Inches Away From The Hair

Hold the hair spray at least 12 inches away from your hair at all times. Instead of concentrating on one area of your hair, spread the hair spray throughout.

The majority of hair sprays come with recommendations on how long to spray your hair. However, stop spraying if you see that your hair is starting to become stiff. Alcohol in some hair sprays can dry down your scalp. Therefore, avoid applying those products straight on your scalp

  1. Do Not Use Near Open Flame

Fire is an extreme danger, so people should do anything to avoid it. You should not use hair spray near a naked fire. This can lead to fire or explosion. Which may cause severe injury.

So ensure you are not near a fire when using the hair spray on your hair. Safety first. 

  1. Watch Out For Allergic Effects

Hairspray contains chemicals that some people may be allergic to. This might itch your scalp and create inflammation. How to determine if you should or shouldn’t use hairspray? Do a patch test first. 

This is to see the effects it might have on your skin after applying the product. If you are allergic to the specific product, try and opt for another option. But don’t forget to perform another patch test.

  1. Don’t Leave In Your Hair Over The Night 

The effects of sleeping with hairspray on may initially seem inconspicuous. But if you continue doing this, the filth will just gather. Your hair would appear lifeless and weighted down. Hair growth would be impacted by the accumulation.

Spraying your hair before bed can leave residues on your pillow and bed linens. Your face won’t appreciate the practice, in addition to the impact, it has on the health of your hair.

  1. Establish The Proper Strength Of The Hair Spray Your Hair Needs

Hair sprays can offer a wide range of protection, hold, curl, and control. This is in addition to being designed to suit a variety of functions. 

The haircut and the desired final appearance will determine the appropriate strength of a hair spray. For instance, there are three benefits to choosing a hair spray to hold your hairstyle:

Low-hold products are perfect for daily hair styling needs when the hair is down and requires a little hold and lots of mobility.

For easy updos like buns and textured braids, medium-hold is best. This is perfect for vacation and party hair styling needs.

Maximum-hold is the best option for occasion hair styling needs because it has a stronghold for occasions like bridal and festive hairstyles.


Hair spray on its own isn’t harmful to your hair. It is only misuse and negligence that can lead to some hair problems arising. Hairspray is a crucial item, particularly if you work in a field where having flawless hair all day long is expected of you, like the show industry. Take good care of your hair by adhering to a hair care routine.

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