Is investment in the gaming industry the right choice today?


The gaming industry is one of the most lucrative markets to invest in at present due to its expansion in the world markets, greater adoption of mobile gaming, and the rise in digital distribution. If you are planning to venture into new investment options, the gaming industry is certainly the one you need to consider. You can get a real money 8 ball pool app from here and also know more about online gaming, but before you do that, read on to know why investing in this industry is a sound decision.

Expansion of gaming into more markets

In the earlier times, the major markets for video games were Japan, Europe, and North America. But, in the past decade, the gaming industry has noticed rapid growth in the markets like Southeast Asia, India, and China. The end of the ban on commercial gaming licensing on games in Beijing in the year 2018 acted as a major boost to the gaming industry. Several gaming titles have been cleared since then, and even now the expansion of the industry in the Chinese market continues.

In the UK, the gaming industry accounts for more than half of the country’s entire market for entertainment. Greater adoption of gaming applications on smart devices is the reason behind this accelerated growth. The expansion of the gaming industry in Southeast Asia is due to the increase in disposable income games like real money 8 ball pool, along with the increase in smart devices. Thus, with more markets coming into the fold of the gaming industry, you have more reasons to invest in this market.

Greater adoption of mobile gaming

Within the gaming industry, mobile games like real money 8 ball pool form the fastest growing gaming platform. The increase in the accessibility of smart devices has led to a rise in the accessibility of video games. Mobile gaming has truly come a long way and it is the fastest growing sector in the gaming industry. Back in 2018, the revenue from mobile gaming had reached over seventy billion US dollars, which accounted for about fifty-one percent of the video gaming industry. 

It is expected to rise further to reach at least fifty-nine percent by 2021. The mobile gaming sector is going to reach over hundred billion US dollars by the year 2021as games like real money 8 ball pool and carrom are going viral. Government interests in the gaming industry and the entry of several top-notch private players have truly benefited the industry. Be it poker, rummy, real money 8 ball pool, MOBA, or carrom board games download, the number of mobile users going for these per day is on the rise.

Switching to the digital distribution

Digital distribution of the console and computer video games for a long period of time has been enabled thanks to stable and fast internet connection, along with the larger hard drive in the consoles. The wide selection of games, instantaneous real money 8 ball pool download, and greater rate of adoption across countries has increased the opportunities for investment in the gaming industry.

Subscription models for the games

As one of the fastest growing sections of the gaming industry are casual games consisting of real money 8 ball pool and games like ludo and carrom, the subscription gaming model comes a really close second to mobile gaming. Consumers can now go for recurring payments through in-app spending to purchase virtual goods or continue the game. The improvement in the in-game experience is a major reason for drawing more people to the virtual games like real money 8 ball pool, and thus, now is the best time to invest in the industry.

Subscription models have worked wonders for TV and music content in the form of Netflix and Spotify. And, online games are like the next front for such subscription models. Several top names in the business, such as Google, have a major role to play in this shift towards subscription models. The cloud-based game platform of Google known as Stadia has been attracting gamers since 2019. Subscription based plans are also offered by Microsoft’s Xbox. With more ardent gamers coming to these platforms, it’s great news not only for the game developers, but also for the investors.

So, if you are planning to invest in the gaming industry at present, you are certainly making the right choice. Go ahead and start figuring out more about the possible investment avenues in this field that can be beneficial for you.

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