Is Kareo EMR the right choice for your practice

The medical health industry is constantly booming with the latest technology and infrastructure as the COVID-19 takes over. However, not every software solution will be the right pick for your clinic or practice efficiency and financial credibility. If you are an independent practice, then the award-winning Kareo EMR software is bound to be your ultimate choice.

Kareo was designed and founded in 2004. The company has won 30 plus awards for providing advanced healthcare solutions ranging from telehealth to billing, insurance, accounts management, patient documentation, and so much more to practitioners. Presently Kareo EMR is being used by 75,000 providers for its unique tools and solutions.

Purchase and implementation of an EHR is time investing and draining, especially for small practices that have limited resources, staff, and capital. However, selecting the suitable EHR is an essential business task that drastically impacts your overall growth. Here are our top picked reasons because we think Kareo is the best option for independent or small practices.

Ease of use

Usability is one of the main concerns of solo practitioners. Since the number of staff or administration is hardly a few, a physician wants to do everything by himself freely and without employing an outsourcing facility for help. Therefore, for small practices, this feature is always a must-have. A user-friendly interface is an eye-catching feature for people who do not have time or money for a steep productivity curve.

It goes without saying that if you are an independent practice or solo practitioner, Kareo must cross your checklist. Software that will require little and basic level software experience and little training. The vendor provides excellent implementation and customer support service.

Kareo EMR has templates, forms, and SALT features for all specialties that cut time and make instant documentation. Its telehealth service is HIPAA-compliant and fully integrated with the broader patient engagement, EHR, billing to the very generic video call tools such as Zoom or Facebook.

Easy transition

Since Kareo is a cloud-based EMR, implementation is much simpler and easier with cloud systems. EMR software that works on the web instead of the traditional computer requires no hardware or installation. Implementation of cloud-hosted EMRs is easy and seamless.

Cloud Hosted

Kareo is the only cloud-based EMR that is specifically built for independent practices for more than 45 specialties. Practices that are solo or small group no doubt need a cloud host solution. Cloud-hosted EMRs require minimum staff needs, giving practices a competitive edge, with large-scale enterprises using server-based systems.

Not only this, but its mobility factor also leads to increased satisfaction. A survey by the EHR review group, Software Advice, found that ‘providers using EHRs via mobile systems expressed twice the satisfaction levels of those using non-mobile systems.‘ Cloud providers also offer better support.

Once you have opted for Kareo EMR, it will be up and running without having to worry about the updates, and maintenance within 48 hours. The entire process requires very low up-front costs, no contract, or set up fees.

Kareo Business Analytics

Customize your data in any way you want. Kareo Analytics provides a robust analytics engine for customizable reports that will help you create benchmarks and goals to fulfill your business needs. It will help you save time, prioritize business insights, and optimize your financial revenue requirements.

This feature will ensure that you receive immediate value based on your tailored insights and billing operations. Kareo Analytics, as part of your daily RCM workflow, will uncover revenue opportunities. Helping you uncover the revenue opportunities that you can miss with a server-based EMR and its limited features.

Features of Kareo Analytics

  • Reports and Dashboards: On its own, Kareo also provides, maintains and updates key reports and dashboards of your data for instant observation and overview.
  • Integration: Integrated KDIs, providers and practices at all times for data exploration.
  • Efficient User Experience: A warehouse of all your data in a single cloud based unit for quick and seamless user experience. .
  • Customization: Use Kareo Analytics to customize your reports any way you want from labeling to charts, tables etc. You can also use the data to create a report from scratch for analyzation, communication, and visualization.
  • In-App Formulas: Kareo has in-app formulas transparency to help you navigate through the formulas; what they mean and how to change them as per your practice requirements.
  • Built-In Dictionary: Drag and drop facility so that you do not have to worry about which field or information to select. The in-app dictionary has all the measures, dimensions and charts that are used and applied in a regular or common report making.
  • Source Data Exportation: Source data such as claim level rows used for charts or calculations is easily accessible via exportation which can help you to analyze, interpret and investigate further.
  • Data Curation: This feature of the product lets you screenshot and take pictures of any table or chart enabling you to curate data stories for cross communication and information sharing. Consumers can drop live reports as well in the presentation
  • Bookmarking Option: Save your work or set filters on any report for quick access and immediate view.


A well-known EMR software that will boost your clinical productivity and financial performance. If you are opting for Kareo, make sure to check out a free demo by contacting the vendor.

If you are interested in finding out more, reach out to our EHR consultant for a FREE consultation.

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