Is PMP exam really that hard

What Should You Know About PMP Exam?

PMP Exam covers three different domains of candidates by testing to know about the competence in more than 20 skill areas. The exam also tests your ability of understanding and knowledge of each of the skills that are compulsory for the standards of industry project managers. Because PMP exam questions are commonly revised and reviewed, the content is highly related to the actual project management and undergoes recurrent changes.

For Example:

For instance, the most recent change to the PMP exam greatly incorporates responsive and cross methodologies since these are usually used in modern project management. Different types of methodologies of PMP exam contain 175 scored questions and 25 un-scored questions. The questions which are unanswered scored as incorrect, so you should try to answer all the questions.

How Hard is the PMP Exam?

The not succeed rate for the PMP exam is really to a certain extent high at an expected 40 to 50% for first time when attempt the PMP test. There is no particular number of questions that must be answered correctly in order to pass the PMP exam. Each question is graded depend on its relative complexity, it is said that if you attempt all of the easy questions correct but get all of the hard questions wrong, you could still fail in the PMP exam.

PMP Exam Preparation:

There is no way to make a distinction the questions that are scored from those that are not, means you will have to do your best to attempt all questions right. The best PMP Prep for yourself for success is to study and revise as much as potential with quality materials, and make clear in your mind that you are familiar with the type of content and questions that are expected to appear on the exam, and take more than a few practice exams.

PMP Certification Training Course Guidance:

A PMP Certification Training Course is a high quality idea if you want some additional guidance of what to study and to keep you stay on track and increase the chances that you will pass the exam on your first attempt. Many PMP exam prep courses offer practice questions and explanations, one on one time with live instructors, and multiple full length exams.

PMP Exam Preparation Difficulty:

Before taking the PMP exam, you have to clear a legitimately certified 35 hour prep course that make prepare you for both from the theoretical as well as practical knowledge areas of the PMP exam. The main reference text will be the PMBOK that surround the PMI’s project management standard. This textbook is normally known as PMBOK guide, you should be studied fully or at least its known or familiar main parts.

Additionally, the PMP exam questions will cover five main domains which are described below with the weight and percentage of content:

  1. Initiating will contain 13% questions,
  2. Planning will contain 24% questions,
  3. Executing will contain 31% questions,
  4. Monitor and Control will contain 25% questions,
  5. Closing a project will contain 7% questions.

The total Number of Scored Questions will be 175 and 25 un-scored known as pretest questions.

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