5 Skateboarding Tricks That Will Enhance Your Surfing Skills 

Some games are illegal for obvious reasons such as cockfighting and dogfighting. And when it comes to racing you also have to be keen enough on the laws and regulations of your country. However, if we especially talk about skateboarding, many people are confused about whether riding an electric skateboard is illegal or if it’s just a thing to talk about.

When you are indulging in a rather thrilling and dangerous activity like skateboarding, it’s better to know about its laws so that you keep from any possible trouble. To be honest, its answer is not as simple as you might have thought it to be.

Certainly, the laws about anything vary from place to place. And the country you are living in greatly defines if riding a Voeep electric skateboard is illegal in your place or not. So we did a thorough research on that and here are the results of places.

  •         UK: It’s not illegal in the UK, however it’s unofficially considered as gray. One the other hoverboard, onewheels and electric scooters are banned.
  •         Belgium: it’s legal in Belgium as long as you keep the speed limit of skateboard to 20km/h
  •         Spain:  it’s again legal in cities like Barcelona.
  •         France: if you are living or staying in France, you have the fuller freedom to ride an electric skateboard. It is legal on roads with the speed limit of less than 50kph.
  •         Italy: if you have the best electric skateboard, it’s legal with 30 km speed on roads.
  •         Switzerland: Is still illegal here you need to be watchful while doing so.
  •         Poland: it’s under gray area and according to new laws electric rides will be considered as bicycles and they will be allowed to use the sidewalk provided there is no sideline.
  •         Ireland: it’s illegal and you better not go skateboarding there unless you have a 250w electric and human assisted pedelec.
  •         Czechia: it also falls under the category of unsure. Segways in Prague were banned.
  •         Austria: in Austria it’s considered legal including many other electric devices so long it doesn’t impact pedestrians.
  •         Lithuania: for electric skateboards, e-bikes, and e-scooters in Lithuania the limit is 1kW max.
  •         Iceland: if you live in Iceland, it is legal to operate an electric skateboard.
  •         Denmark: Again, it’s approved for electric skateboarding with max speed of 20km/h, minimum age of 15 years and the lights are must on the board.
  •         Sweden: In Sweden electric skateboards are legal. Recently, electric skateboards with certain speed limits have been legalized now. For that, the maximum speed is 20km/h with a max power of 250W. For push power assistance you can do 25km/h.
  •         Finland: if you live in Finland, electric skateboarding is not illegal, it is regarded the same as a bicycle and the limit should be 1Kw and the legal speed is 25 km/h.
  •         Norway: Norway also says electric skateboarding is legal and it also considers it as a bicycle. Moreover, Norwegians do not require any kind of insurance, admission to ride, or the registration when it comes to the electric skateboard. As for the speed limit, it is maximum 20 km/h.
  •         Croatia: Croatia also legalized electric skateboard riding under the speed limit of 1/4 kW and 25kmh.

Apart from that, in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, and Greece you have the privilege to ride an electric skateboard without any concern, however taking proper care of the speed limit is something that you should always be mindful of.


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