Is There A High CBD-Low THC Version Of Sour Diesel?

It might prove challenging in some cases, particularly with Sour Diesel, but for each marijuana strain that a consumer finds on the market, you will likely find a high CBD – low THC hemp alternative. The difference is in the psychoactive component.

Marijuana has an abundance of the intoxicating THC element that pushes a user into a “high,” but the species has a lower supply of CBD. CBD does not create intoxication but instead produces a relaxing effect. The hemp plant is abundant in CBD with trace levels of THC.

There is a broad range of marijuana and hemp strains, with the CBD-rich hemp strains becoming more appealing to consumers because these offer health-related effects without psychoactive traits.

Creating strains to mimic marijuana benefits without the psychotic characteristic requires selective breeding to encourage the prevalence of the desired compounds over those less preferred.

While the demand is growing for high CBD hemp strains with minimal THC, an exploration into the breeding process for comparable strains is still relatively new.

High CBD-Low THC Varieties of Cannabis Strains Appealing To The Masses

Many people today prefer to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis without the worry of intoxication. In order to do that, the plant needs breeding so that the cannabidiol is elevated while the THC is reduced.

It’s challenging to find marijuana-based strains with this ratio, but more hemp strains come in this combination. The buds provide the benefits of the marijuana strains but also mimic their characteristics except for the intoxication.

One of those is Sour Diesel. The strain is most popular on the marijuana side from decades past. It offers a strong fuel aroma combined with a sugary citrus scent giving a mellowing effect that also invigorates and energizes.

There is a high CBD hemp strain mimicking the marijuana variety of which many people might not be aware. The informatics on the hemp version is not easy to find, but it is a genuine variety that you can find online by going to Cheef Botanicals among other online sites. You can also check with your medical provider for guidance on finding products and brands.

The version is abundant in terpenes capable of consumption either with a vaporizer or in the conventional sense. The strain appears to be a traditionally marijuana-based option, so cultivators are likely still attempting to find the proper ratio for a CBD hemp alternative.

The color is light with an orange tint offering beginning users a favorite and providing a classic for those experienced.

Is There A High CBD-Low THC Version Of Sour Diesel?

The Public Experience With Sour Diesel

The original marijuana variation of Sour Diesel, with the standard THC level, creates an immense high. It’s a very potent strain. As a CBD concentrated version, the compound amount is not as great as other high CBD hemp varieties. Still, it is substantial, with the THC level within legal limits.

The bud is fast-acting with terpenes at a relatively high level providing a rich, pungent experience. Anecdotal reports indicate the flower offers a calm sensation with good energy and a full-body experience. The CBD is at an adequate level of potency that those who indulge will receive full therapeutic benefits from the substance.

Final Thought

Cultivating breeds that equate the benefits of marijuana strains without the psychoactivity of THC seems to be one of the goals of growers to create new high CBD-low THC hemp strains that appeal to the greatest majority of users. Go to,the%20psychoactive%20effects%20of%20THC. – for opinions on the best CBD strains on the market.

Many people who once indulged in strains like the classic sour diesel would still like to do so only without the intoxication. The only way to do so is to reduce or eliminate the THC, which is the component that creates the “high” in marijuana. That requires selective breeding. The process is still a new concept cultivators are fine-tuning.

There are not hemp varieties for every marijuana strain, but it seems consumers will wait patiently for their favorite option to be scaled down to the high CBD-low THC hemp counterpart.

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