Is Website Accessibility Something I Need to Be Thinking About? – accessiBe

First of all, just what does website accessibility mean? Well, it means making sure your website is accessible to people and the website visitor tracking tools are available to determine it.. This covers a wide spectrum of conditions, as there are many different disabilities. Even within the same disability, the way that it affects an individual will vary from person to person. Helping those with accessibility needs is important, but it is also beneficial for everyone, not just those living with a disability. There are some, like accessiBe, who are at the forefront of website accessibility and in doing so, are not only helping the disabled but are also helping everyone else at the same time. But what exactly is it that they are doing and just how is this helping firstly, the disabled, and secondly, everyone else?

How are people, or companies, making a change in website accessibility?

Thankfully website accessibility is not as hard to achieve as it sounds. Some very clever people have created software that when added to your website will resolve any accessibility issues for you. How is this possible? The software will scan your website and search for any problems it identifies with accessibility. It will then amend the issues it finds for you. It is a quick, cheap and hassle-free way to get a fully accessible website in a matter of days.

Who benefits from website accessibility and how?

Website accessibility is always going to be primarily for those living with a disability. The focus for improvements is rightly on them. The aim is to make sure that disabled people have the same access to what everyone else has and make sure they are not being discriminated against. 

But disabled people are not the only ones who benefit from an accessible website. A clear format will benefit everybody and help your website to be easier to understand for every person who visits it. You will also give yourself the opportunity for lots of new potential customers or visitors to your site, so this will actually benefit you too. Approximately one in four people in the United States alone are disabled. Imagine what a difference this could make to your business if so many more people could visit and enjoy your website. Another point worth mentioning is that search engines love an accessible website, and you will be nudged further up the rankings if you are one of them. So with so many benefits, don’t delay in getting your website accessible today.

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